Love Triangle

Louis's 17 year old sister Rebecca finally meets the rest of one direction, but When she starts falling for two of the boys, and they fall for her what happens? Read "Love Triangle" and watch the drama unfold between One Direction.


3. Embarassed

Liam's P.O.V


"Can you go get Becca and Harry?" Louis's mom asked me.

"Yes" I answered smiling.

I have a feeling what they were doing and i know i was going to walk in on them. I hope he hasn't taken it to far. I feel like Becca is not like the other girls that  Harry bangs and dumps when he has what he wanted. Harry is my mate but, im not going to let his routine happen with Becca. I walk in the room and of course Harry is kissing  her. I expected that much.She ran out of the room bumping into me, she was on the edge of tears. I wanted to run after her and tell her she doesn't have to worry about me. I would be lying if i said that, and i'm not a lair.I walk over to Harry and grab his shirt, pulling him forward. "I told you don't mess with Becca!" I whispered angrily in his face.Harry tried to swing at me but i was fueled with so much anger  and i didn't even know why, its not like im dating her. I block his swing and counter it with a punch. I turned away and left Harry in the room with a bloody nose. I walk back to the dining room to finish my breakfast when Becca walks in and her face is red and her eyes are puffy. I can tell she has been crying. She knows what happened, i think she was crying out of embarrassment. I put my head down, and act like i saw nothing.


Becca's P.O.v


I ran upstairs into my room. I was so embarrassed, I didn't want anyone to know about me and Harry. "was there a me and Harry?" I whispered to myself. Harry makes me feel loved and wanted. But, every time I think of Liam I feel a rush of happiness and light. I pull myself together and get ready for the day which only took about five minutes. I put on black skinny jeans, and a designer sweater. I go back downstairs and Liam is eating breakfast, I quickly look away and he looks down. I grab my now cold breakfast and head back to my room. I can't believe I just made out with Harry. I'm better then that, I lift my head up and go back downstairs and eat with everyone. Making sure I wasn't staring and Liam or Harry. Cleaning up breakfast when  Harry walks in. His nose was red and he had a tissue soaking up blood. Before my mom saw i quickly rushed him up into my bathroom. When the bleeding finally stopped he asked "Did you like our make out session?" 

"honestly...yes i did really like it. When i'm with you i feel wanted." I answered sheeply.

He leaned in for another kiss."Harry stop i can't keep kissing you! We can't tell anyone. I will  talk to Liam later after dinner." I said.

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