I unexpected.....you

(Louis, Harry and Liam fan fic)
Lizzy realises that her neighbour is very close to five of the biggest stars in the world and her biggest idols.when she meets them she brings along her two best friends ,who don't just like her for popularity, annelies and ellie.she instantly falls for Liam ,lizzy instantly falls for Louis and annelies instantly falls Harry. But do they fall back? Will there be love? Or will there be heartbreak? Maybe betrayal?
But definitely friendship


1. Loud snores

Lizzys pov.

Today's the day! I'm finally meeting them, ellie and annelies stayed round last night cause they were coming too. I'm sooooo excited I may of let out a tiny, ok humongous screech earlier which woke pretty much everyone up.
"Luckily we definitely aren't going to be late and as we all planned our outfits last night we can relax for about three hours but no falling..." I was cut off by two very loud snores. " asleep" I finished my now useless sentence. As their now asleep AGAIN I might as well tell you about us
Me (lizzy):
Bright red dyed wavy hair which went down to mid back which I straightened all the time.
Deep interesting blue eyes ( to me they are my best features )
Feisty attitude and can be serious in a bad I mean REALLY bad situation.
Loves to sing and song write
Long straight dirty blond hair
Stormy, intriguing blue eyes
Funny most of the time but also sweet and caring
Loves to sing and act
Long straight dirty blond hair dip dyed pink and purple at the tips
Emotion filled, sky blue eyes
Responsible but can be funny and a little OCD with Christmas decorations
Loves to sing and dance.
Funny facts
We all love carrots
Ellie has a fear of plastic forks
Annelies has a star shaped birth mark
And I love suspenders.
Finally they are AWAKE
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