Dark Pasts Returned

Rachel has everything she's ever wanted; a loving boyfriend, three best friends and two adoring parents. Her world seems perfect but it isn't. Her dark past is just around the corner haunting her. When it comes back...will her family friends and boyfriend be able to protect her? Read on to find out!


2. Good Results

*Cody's POV*

Rachel and I walked hand in hand into Alli's room. The minute she saw our fingers intertwined, her eyes got wide with excitement and she almost spit up the apple juice she was drinking.

"Yay! Finally! My brother and best friend are back together again!" Alli clapped her hands and place them over her heart as if she were a proud mother watching her son graduate high school.

"Well...not quite." I muttered.

"What do you mean not quite?" Alli's eyebrows collided in confusion.

"Well...I kinda wanted to plan a special date on the beach where we can make it official. I want paparazzi to be there to capture the moment so that by the following morning, everybody will know you're mine. Again." I grinned.

"Aw!! Cody that's so sweet!" Rachel blushed and hugged me. "We aren't going to go swimming are we?" Rachel had always been afraid of swimming in the ocean. But I was going to change her.

"Yup!" I slipped my arm around her shoulders.

"Oh no, no, no! You know I don't like swimming in the ocean!" She buried her face in the crook of my neck.

I rubbed her back and whispered in her ear. "It's okay darling...you're safe with me."

"Well that makes me feel better." She smiled up at me. I smiled back.

We all continued to talk and carry on when the doctor came in.

"Well Ms. Alli, you gave us quite a scare. But your test results show no traces and or signs of lukemia so you are free to go." The doctor smiled proudly.

"Yay!" We all cheered and hugged Alli. I was super glad my sister was okay.

"I'll go fill out the release forms." Cody's mum volunteered.

Rachel ran and sat down on the bed next to Alli.

*Rachel's POV*

"Soooo....what are you going to wear on the date??" Alli questioned. She always asked this when I had a date because she likes to help me get ready. She loves fashion and makeup and helps me look my best.

"Yes Alli, you can help me get ready. But Bethany and Meredith are going to help too." I let in.

"Yay!" Alli grinned.

"Geez.....we really need to stop saying 'yay'." Cody, Ali and their father laughed.

Sorry for the short chapter! I ran out of time to write! Give me some ideas on what should happen...and tell me how I can improve my writings. I appreciate all critiques and comments! Please vote and comment! I'm new on here and votes and comments would mean alot!

Thanks! Bye!

Xx, Rachel

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