Dark Pasts Returned

Rachel has everything she's ever wanted; a loving boyfriend, three best friends and two adoring parents. Her world seems perfect but it isn't. Her dark past is just around the corner haunting her. When it comes back...will her family friends and boyfriend be able to protect her? Read on to find out!


1. Forgiven

*Rachel's POV*

I slipped and stumbled off of my new long-board and onto the concrete. I picked myself up and threw my board towards my house. It landed upright and rolled into my six car garage.

"Ugh!" I shouted in frustration.

"C'mon...go get your board and try again." Alli rolled up beside me.

"I think we should just give up now. I will never be able to long-board. It's too hard!" I sighed sadly.

Alli sat down on her board. "We can give up today but we are going to try again tomorrow because I know you can do it." She smiled at me.

"Fine." I smirked.

We padded over the lush green grass and to the back patio of the first floor. Alli and I laid out on the chaises, sipping Red Bull from the outdoor esky.

But we had only been relaxing for an hour before trouble started. Alli had turned really pale and was coughing up blood.

"Alli?! Alli! Are you okay?!" My voice shook with fear.

"C-c-cody! C-call, C-c-cody!" Alli pointed to her iPhone, laying next to her Roxy bag.

I fumbled with her phone before getting it unlocked. Siri had sensed the panick in my voice and she automatically speed-dialed Cody.

"Hello?" An Australian accent picked up the other end.

"Cody?! Help! You're sister! She's sick!" I shouted.

"Why should I believe you?! YOU CHEATED ON ME!" Cody fired back in response.

"Just listen!" I pushed Alli's phone into her face. Cody must've heard her coughing because he whispered: 'Oh god.'

"Meet us at the hospital." I commanded.

"I'm on my way." Cody gave in.

I hung up and picked up Alli in my arms and scanned her body. Blood soaked the front of her tie-dye 'FREE HUGS' tee and her skin was ice-cold to the touch; despite the hot Cali summer sun.

I dialed 911 on my own phone.

"Hello. 911, what's your emergency?" A calm and almost soothing voice said at the other end.

"Hello? I need a bus! (<I watch too much Law and Order: SVU) My friend! She was coughing up blood and she just passed out!" My voice was panic-filled.

"Okay what is your location?" I heard typing in the background.

I gave the voice my address and hung up.

"Please don't leave us lAli. Please." Tears fell from my eyes, landing on her shirt.


The ambulance arrived and took Ali away. I jumped in the back to the bus at the last second...clutching both Alli and I's phones close to me.

***Time Skip To Hospital***

(Alli has been placed in a room and the doctor is currently leading Rachel to the waiting room.)

I walked into the waiting room to see Cody sitting on one of the couches. I took the empty spot next to him.

"Okay I need to ask you two some questions about Ms. Alli." The doctor said.

"Alright." Cody and I said at the same time.

"First thing. Is she allergic to any medications?" The doctor was clickinig his pen feverishly.

"No, but she used to have lukemia. Age six to eight." I said before Cody could answer.

"Lukemia can be fatal; that we know. But we are going to run some tests to see if her lukemia is back or not." The doctor scribbled some more and left with a nurse to check up on Alli.

More tears slipped from my eyes and I sniffled and hiccuped here and there.

"I can't lose her Cody. She's like a sister to me." My face buried in my hands.

"How do you think I feel? She IS my sister!!!" Cody yelled and stood up.

I looked up at him...my mouth wide open.

"Sorry. That wasn't helpful." Cody scratched the back of his neck and sat back down.

Cody slowly slid over to me and slowly put his arm around my waist; pulling me close. His awkward attempt to comfort me made me giggle and him smile.

I laid my head on his shoulder and inhaled his manly scent of Drakkar Noir. The calming mixture of sandalwood and lavender made me stop crying and I was finally at peace.

Cody laid his head on mine and kissed the soft mess of curls I had piled on top of my head.

"Everything is going to be okay." Cody whispered.

"Cody? Do you still love me?" I placed my left hand on his arm and looked at him with wide, child-like wonder filled eyes.

Cody exhaled slowly.

"I think about you constantly and wonder how you're holding up. I hate myself everyday for the way I treat you now." Cody admitted.

"I'm so sorry Cody. If I could take it all back I would! I never should have cheated on you. You're the only one for me. It was a dick move. Jason left and I'm sooooo sorry baby." I whimpered.

"I miss you calling me that." Cody caressed my face...his soft hands tickled my skin.

After about 10 minutes of un-interupted silence...Cody finally spoke up again.

He pulled me onto his lap and pressed our foreheads together.

"I think it's about time I forgive you." Cody whispered.

I looked up into his eyes. They were a dark navy blue now; something his eyes only did when he was being serious.

Cody's eyes scanned my face for any signs of insecurity before pressing his lips against mine.

I put my hand over his heard and interlocked my fingers with his tousled blond hair. Under my palm, Cody's heartbeat quickened. His breathing got heavier and faster as he kissed me.

He kissed me over and over again until his mum walked in.

"So I'm guessing you took my advice and forgave her?" Mrs. Simpson (<Sorry I don't know her name yet! Comment it below if you know it!) said. She was tapping one foot, her car keys in hand. She smirked at Cody who blushed as well as I did.

"Yup!" I smiled proudly.

"Well it's time to stop being sappy son. Alli is awake and the doctor said we can come see her. He has her blood work back." His mum walked out of the room.

Cody smiled at me and carried me to Alli's room.

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