Bring me back to life

Katy is a normal teenager with a normal life. She has many friends, two BFF's named Kimberly, and Hannah. Jenny hates a girl in her school, Jessica, that is the most popular girl in school. She is dating the popular boy too. One day when Jenny is going to bed.. something unbelieveably happens. She will take an adventure to save a little girl's life. The girl is named Sierra , and she is bullied. Luckily she meets some new friends along the way. Five boys....


2. What the heck?!?


**Katy's POV**

I woke up in my bed. I had slept in my clothes last night but I didn't really care. "oh finally it's morning." I said to myself. "I hope today isn't a bad hair day, I don't want Jessica to laugh her head off. I got out of bed. "ok now for a sho-." I turned around to see my body still on the bed. I started to panic.  "Uh, what the?" i said confused. Then I screamed. I went over to a corner in my room and thought about it. "oh it's just a dream, it's just a dream." I said to myself. "This can't be happening." I said. Just then my mum came into the room. "Honey good morning it's time to wake up." my mum said in a sweet voice. She tapped the body that was on the bed. "Mum, i'm over here! Hello? Mum?" I tried to get her attention by waving my hand in front of her face but it was no use. She couldn't see me. She tapped the body again. "Honey, your going to be late." she said. She went up to the body and tried to feel a pulse but it looked like there wasn't anything. "oh god! she isn't breathing!!" mum screamed. "oh Katy." She started crying. "No mum, I'm right here beside you!! Listen to me!!" I screamed. She sniffled. "Kids!!" Abby and Crystle walked into the room. "What is it mummy?" Abby said. "Katy... she's dead."mum sad trying not to cry. I saw Abby climb on the bed trying to wake me up. "Katy, Katy please wake up, please." she got off the bed and started to cry. "But mummy, how?" Crystle questioned. "I don't know darling, I don't know." Mum pulled off the blanket to see a gun right beside the body. "what is it mummy?" Abby said. "Hold on i'll be right back." Mum walk off very quickly. "Wait, what's going on?" I said, but no one heard me. Crystle and Abby followed mum. Just then a magical figure popped up right before my eyes. "Who the heck are you?" I shouted. "I don't want to hurt you Katy." It said in a whisper. "Wait, how do you know my name?" I said to the figure. "I know the name of all who shall live. I am an angel." it said. "An angel? So what do you want from me." I said. "I want to help you" she said.  "how?" "Take my hand" "ok" I took her hand and we disappeared. We appeared in this golden meadow. "Where are we?" I asked. "We are in heaven." the angel said back. "In- in heaven so- so i'm DEAD?" I stuttered. "Oh, and by the way, my name is May." said the angel.  May? Hmm that sounds familiar. I thought to myself. "You were killed when you were asleep." she answered. "No, I don't want to be dead!!." I huffed. "Bring me back to life!!! NOW!!!" I commanded. "I can't bring people back to life, only the most strongest angels can do that." May said. "The I want to meet this strongest angel then." I said. "There is another way to get back to life, you have to help somebody."  May said. "How?" I said. "Like, you have to help a kid." May suggested. "Oh, that will be easy." "No it will not." May interrupted. "Your mission is to help this girl named Sierra make friends and to stand up for her self. If you succeed then I will bring you back to life." May said. "What if other people see me?" I questioned. "Only Sierra will be abel to see you." May answered. "ok then bye." May said. "What? wait, don't I need like some more tr-." I got cut off as I disappeared. I showed up in a little girls room. 

**Sierra's POV**

"Why do they hit me, I hate my life. Everybody hates me."" I started to cry on my bed. "I feel so sorry for you." I heard a voice say. "What, who's there?" I said. I got out of my bed. "Hello? Is anyone there?" I asked. "Yes there is." the voice said. Then a person appeared. "Who are you?" I asked. "My name is Katy, want to be friends?" said the person. We sat in silence for about 2 minutes. "MOM!!!!" I screamed. "No, it's ok, I won'y hurt you. I am a help angel." Katy said. "oh, then hello Katy. Why do you want to be my help angel?" I asked. "Well my mission is to help you."

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