Bring me back to life

Katy is a normal teenager with a normal life. She has many friends, two BFF's named Kimberly, and Hannah. Jenny hates a girl in her school, Jessica, that is the most popular girl in school. She is dating the popular boy too. One day when Jenny is going to bed.. something unbelieveably happens. She will take an adventure to save a little girl's life. The girl is named Sierra , and she is bullied. Luckily she meets some new friends along the way. Five boys....


1. Meet Katy

**Katy's POV** 

"Uh, what time is it?" I say to myself. I looked at the clock, 8:00am. "8:00?, oh well." I get out out of bed and put on some music. I take a shower then do my makeup. Then choose my clothes. "Hmm, what should I wear today?, how about skinny jeans, my free hugs shirt, my converse shoes, my OMG ring, and my YOLO necklace that my mom wants me to wear every day, but i seriously don't know why. I look in the mirror and admire how pretty I am. Just then my mum came into my room. "Honey, it's time for breakfast." she says. "Ya ok mum, just one second" I say. "ok then, but it won't be my fault if your english muffin gets cold." she said as she walked out of the room. I went over to my stereo and turned off the music. Then I went to the kitchen for breakfast. There was my two little sisters, Abby and Crystal. "Good morning mum." I said. "Good morning Katy" Abby and Crystal said together. I walked over to my place and took a seat. "So are you girls ready for school?" mum said. "Shure mum." Abby said with a bunch of scrambled eggs in her mouth. "Uh, no I hate school." I said gloomily. "Honey, don't be silly, school is awesome." mum said. "Ya right." I said. "I have a new best friend." Crystal mumbled. "Do you think I care?" I said angrily. "Don't be rude, now go to school or you will be late." mum said. "ok mum, bye." I said as I walked outside. "Bye!!" was the last thing I heard until I shut the door. 

~At school~

"Hi guys." I said to my friends Kimberly and Hannah. Kimberly likes to be called Kim. Hannah has golden blond hair and Kimberly has dark brown hair. As for me I have a brownish blondish colored hair, and as some people might say a dirty blond color. "Hey whats up?" Hannah said. "oh nothing mu- OH MY GOD. Look at Jake." Hannah and Kim looked over to see Jessica making out with him. "Oh my god he is so cute" Kim gushed. "I know right." Hannah said after her. "Ya and I can't believe he's dating Jessica." I said. "She is such a Drama Queen." Hannah said. The bell rang. "See you later guys!" I shouted while walking to my class. "See ya!" Kim shouted back. I walked into my next class and right after me came Jessica. "Like hi Katy." she said to me. "Hi Jessica." I said confused. "Hey you don't need to be jealous, I know that you like Jake and I mean who doesn't?" she teased. "What, no are you serious? I don't like him." I lied. "yea right." she said as she walked past me. I hate Jessica she thinks she is so hot just because she is dating the most popular boy in school. "Good morning everybody, I hope you had a nice weekend because it's time for your first period class." said Mrs. Johnson. Just then my phone went off in my pocket and everybody turned to me "Katy was that you?" Mrs. Johnson asked me. "yes" I said back. "Well I suggest you turn in on vibrate before I take it." she said. "Yes Mrs. Johnson." I said. A few kids snickered, but I didn't care. It was Jessica I was mad at. She was the one that texted me. How did she get my number? Then I looked at my phone and added her as a contact. She texted me again.

Jessica: Jealous... jealous.

Me: bye -.- 


"Hi Katy." Hannah said to me as I walked up to their lunch table. "Hi." I said back. "Oh my god that was the worst class ever." Kim said. I giggled. "Ya it was." I said back. Just then Jessica walked up to our table. "Speak of the devil" Kim said. "Well hello non-populars." Jessica said. "Leave us alone Jessica." I said to her. "Well Katy don't be rude" Jessica said with an evil look on her face. "Just leave!" Kim shouted. Jessica took her hand and slapped Kim across the face. "Thats it!!" I shouted. I took my fist and punched her in the nose. She got up and did the same to me but missed. "Missed me!!" I said with a grin on my face. Someone must have told on us because the principal walked up. "Oh, hi Mr. Wattson." Jessica said. "What is the meaning of this!" He said. "Well she was mean to me." Jessica said like a little kid would say. "Come to my office right now" he said, than walk off. We both walked behind him with our heads down. He sat down at his desk. "OK what happened?" We both started babbling. "OK stop!" he shouted to get our attention. he put his head down like he had enough of it.


~After School~

I went into the kitchen. "Hi mum." I said. "I heard about your fight with Jessica. I can't believe it, I am very disappointed in you." she said angrily. "Sorry mum, I- I just lost all control." I said with my head down. "Lost all control? Go to your room, NOW!" she shouted at me. "OK THEN!" I shouted and then stomped off. I got to my room, why didn't my mum believe me? I fell onto my bed. My life is so complicated, my mum always gets mad. She never understands me, I have a life too. "It's time for dinner." said Abby. She walked into my room. "Are you coming? It's pasta your favorite." she said in a whisper. "No thanks Abby, i'm not hungry." I said. "ok then, bye" she said and walked out of my room. I was tired, I'm going to bed, I thought. Then I fell asleep. I woke up after a while. "I can't sleep." I said to myself. "uh, my head hurts, oh well maybe I can listen to some music." I whispered to myself. I got my headphones and my phone and listened to music for about 5 minutes. "Now 

i'm tired," I put the stuff away and drifted into a deep sleep.

**Killer's POV**

I brooke in through the window, and looked around for the girl. My gun was loaded and I was ready to shoot. I was in the kitchen looking for the girls room, and then I finally found it. Stepping closer and closer. Then finally I shot....

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