Lost and Found

Ayna goes on a class trip with her classmates to London. Her and her classmates are from Cali, the party state of America. Ayna's mom is pure British and was born in London, later moved to the states when she was little. Ayna's grandfather paid for the trip to London, about 5,000 dollors, so she could get to know some of her family history. Will she find more family in London? Will she find love in London? Read and find out (:


3. Taking Off.

Ayna P.O.V


My mom woke me up a few ours early, so around 3:00 a.m. My flight took off around 6:00 or 7:00. I walked into the kitchen and she was on the phone. I took a seat on the bar stool in front of her and held my head up with my hands.

" Yep! mhm. I will let her know. Yes I know she will be trilled! Thanks sis. Love you too. Bye Bye now." My mom hung up the phone. She copied how I was sitting in front of her and smiled.

I looked at her confused like. " What?" I asked very ceriously.

She laughed, " Well I was talking to your aunt that lives in London." She paused, enough time for me to but in.

" I have a aunt who lives in London? I thought I had a aunt who lived in Cleveland?" I laughed slightly.

My mom let out a laugh. " Thats your dads sister, I'm talking about my sister, Karen." She smiled slightly.

I made an "O" shape with my mouth. " Why have I not heard of this aunt? " I was getting into the conversation.

Mom sighed. " Well you probably don't remember cause you were 3 or 4 last time you saw her. She has a son, named Liam. He is in this big British/ Irish boy band, One Direction. He was about 8 when I last saw him. He must be all grown up now. I think he is 4 years older than you?"

 I sat there taking this all in while trying to do the math. Since i'm 15 and there is a 4 year difference betweeen my so called cousin and I.. He must be. " 19. Liam must be 19 if there is a 4 year age difference." My mom nodded

" Right! Back to my point. I called your Aunt Karen and told her, that you were coming to town on a school trip and that maybe you could meet up and have some tea and chat." My mom sounded excited. Well I was too but still, I cant wait to get there.

"Oh, Ayna. Here." I turned around and mom handed me a little IPod

, " I put your cousins band music on there that way you can listen to them on the way to London. See if you like them. I also put some pictures of them on there as well. Your cousin is that one." She pointed to a boy with kinda short hair and a nice smile, he was cute, too bad im related to him. I nodded and smiled."  Just in case you see them around in the city, you know who they are." I nodded. I thought it was kinda weird but whatever made her happy.

I took the IPod and shoved it into my little bag that I was taking on the plane with me. I was leaving in about an hour or 2. I was told time was a problem. Since it was 3:00 a.m here, It would be about 11:00 a.m there. I always found it funny how the time was, I hate the time change though. I grabbed my two necklaces my mom and dad came me and but them in my suit case so I can take them with me. I put the "Ayna" one one and packed to other. It didnt take that long to finished packing. I decided to wear some sweats and a t-shirt. I was told the plane ride was gonna be long. I brought my bags out of my room and put them by the front door so I wont leave them. Then I went back into the kistchen with my mom and dad. There was a knock at the front door. I ran and opened it.

" Grandfather!!! What are you doing here ?" I smiled and hugged him.

" I'm here to say goodbye to my only grand daughter before she leaves!" He smiled and hugged me back.

We walked our way to the kitchen. " Grandfather, the trip is only 2 weeks maybe 3 weeks top!" I smiled.

He shook his head. "Nope! Thats is too long for me love." I walked over and put my arm around his waist and hugged him from the side.

" I can always stay home..." He jumped away from me.

" Oh no!!! You go and have fun babe." I smiled. " I will Grandfather." I smiled.

" Ayna, babe. We need to go so we can give you away to your teacher so you can on the flight!" My dad said kinda sad.I nodded and went over to my suit case.

My grand father walked over to me and whispered in my hear, "Here Ayna, Here is some money to take with you. This should help you survive for a few weeks or more."


I looked down to see what he was giving me. 5,000 Euros. My jaw dropped. " Are you crazy! Thats a lot of money grand father. I cant take this."

He smiled, " Naw! I have more than this at home, Take it and enjoy the trip with no worries." I smiled as she shoved the money into my hands, " Put it in your suit case before your parents see, they would flip out on me if they knew."

He and I both laughed and I hugged and kissed his cheek." Thanks Grand Father, I love you!" he smiled back. " I love you too Ayna, now seems like yo gotta go!" I smiled and looked at my parents who were waiting on my to pick up my suit cases and bags.


" Okay I'm ready!" I had a huge smiled on my face. " Good cause we are running just a little bit late." I nodded and Grand Father left before us.

" To the airport we go!!! " my dad started skipping as he picked up the one bag I couldnt get. My mom sighed nand grabbed my little bag, or pouch that had the stuff I was taking on the plane with me. Soon we were in the car and on the way to the air port.

When we arrived to the airport, my parents had to walk to to my teacher, Mrs.Mayers. When we found her she smiled at me and my parents. They all got into a serious conersation that I was not included in so I took my suit case and sat on it. None of my classmates have really heard my parents talk.

 One kid came up to and was in shock. " Are your parents British???" I made a ' You almost got it right look.'

" Kinda, My mom is full blooded Bristish and was born In London. My dad on the other hand was born somehwere in Ireland. He is Irish. "  I smiled.

The kid nodded, " Nice, wait, why are you not british? Like have the accent."

I shrugged, " Cause I was born in America and my parents didnt teach me how to speck like them, I guess, I am Half Irish and Half British." He nodded nad walked away and started talking to some other kids who kept staring at me. I guess they now know i'm Irish and British.

My parents were done talking and they walked over to me and hugged me." We love you and we will miss you so much Pumpkin." My dad said in a kid like voice

I laughed and smiled. " I will miss you too!" I said. I could feel tears coming to my eyes because I know I will miss them, but I just smiled anyway.

" Your aunt Karen, notted your cousin that you would be in town so just to let you know." I nodded.

" Flight 562 to London on deck." I smiled at them and huggeed them one last time. 

 Mrs.Mayers confirmed it was our flight. " Okay Kids!! They already have your ticket and pass ports. I will get your passports later. Go get on the plane, Remeber that you have a assigned seat. It was on your tickert. " We all nodded and I took my poch from my mom and waved bye to my parents. Then loaded on the plane.

I was sitting alone, thank gosh. I wouldn't talk to anyone anyway. I put my pouch next to the window and started to feel sleepy, I jumped when I heard a lady over the intercom.

" Alright flight 562. Please buckle your seat belts and enjoy the ride, The flight will be sabout 10 hours, Feel free to sleep. Need assistance, Let me know, my name is Kami ! enoy the flight." I laughed at how perky she sounded, I know they have to be perkey, but she took it to the extream.

I took out the IPod i shoved in my pouch, that had all of this bands music on it and started to listen, they were not that bad and their songs were ceatchy. I just wish I knew who was who. I ended up listening to the band One Direction for a while, a little more than I plained. I scrolled through the pictures and found one with names on them.

There was Louis, he was cute. He had green/ blue eyes, that is what I noticed first. He seemed to wear strips and suspenders when the band started out. I guess it was his signature look? Another good looking guy was named Zayn. He had sharp looking hair and some pictures there was a blonde strip in it, I thought it was cute, he seemed like a bad boy, just by how he poses. I saw another boy, his name was Harry. He had curly, crazy hair and dressed more his age, I guess you can say. He looked like a babe magnant, I can see why too. His smile just spoke to you. I saw a blonde haired kid, His name was Niall. He was so cute. I saw a Irish flag he was holding. I'm guessing thats why my mom called them a "British/Irish boy band."  He also looked like one of the sweetest and had braces. The last one I saw was my cousin, Liam. He was still good looking, well all of the guys were good looking. Louis stood out to me the most. I dont know something about him was different, besdies his age, He seems a bit older. He looks older than the others. Niall looked the youngest. I kept scrolling through the pictures and found their age. Harry was the youngest and he was 19. Niall was the nest youngest he was also 19, same as Liam and Zayn. Louis on the other hand was 21. My jaw dropped, I didn thtink he was that old, But didnt exspect him to be the other guys age either. 

I lsiten to the songs "Moments ", " Little things", and " Over Again" the most. I really liked those. I like slow songs with nice lyrics, " Over Again" had a nice beat. Since this flight was going to be at least 10 hours, I might as well sleep. I leaned against the window and slowly dosed off, with One Direction on loop.


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