Lost and Found

Ayna goes on a class trip with her classmates to London. Her and her classmates are from Cali, the party state of America. Ayna's mom is pure British and was born in London, later moved to the states when she was little. Ayna's grandfather paid for the trip to London, about 5,000 dollors, so she could get to know some of her family history. Will she find more family in London? Will she find love in London? Read and find out (:


14. Shoping with Liam,Niall,Harry, and Zayn (:


I finished eating and went into the livingroom and help up the golden card,

"Excuse me." All the boys looked at me with wide eyes and then eyes Louis down. "Who is coming shopping with me for my date?"

Everyonw looked at Louis who was smiling at me. All the boys but Louis and Liam raised their hand. " I need to go... You dont need to be buying some sex clothes.." Liam said raising his hand slowly.

I smiled. "Lets go!!" Everyone darted off the couch and waited out the door. I walked over to Louis and pecked his cheek. "I shall be back!"

He winked. " Wear somthing.. Tight,form fitting, and sexy Maybe even short?"

I chuckled nervously, " I can try."

I walked out of the house followed byt the boys. Liam was driving and Haryy was up there with him. I was in the middle of Zayn and Niall.

"SOOO..." Niall said carring out the O. "What are you looking to wear?"

I shrugged, thinking should I tell them what Louis told me, Maybe they could explain to me what he ,meant. "Umm I dont really know. Louis told me, well aksed me if I could wear somthing ' Tight, form fitting and Sexy and maybe short' "
All of a sudden. The car came to a complete stop and Liam yelled, " HE SAID WHAT NOW???" 

I could tell he wasnt happy, I nodded. Liam puffed a breath, "I swear, he never learns."

NIall started laughing making Zayn laugh and then everyone started laughing. Zayn turned to me. "I will help you find somthing Sexy but apropiate for you age, Somthing short but not to short and i dont know about the form fitting thing.." He smiled at me and Niall nodded. I think he agreed. Zayn whispered so i think Liam didnt hear. I think he was thinking of ways to kill Louis..

We reached the mall and headed to Justice. "Okay guys, I want a dress. ONLY a dress. My size is a small. Go find whatever. Zayn and Niall come help me!" I smiled and Liam and Harry went one way to the 'Kiddy' dresses and Zayn niall and I went to the Teen dresses.

Niall held up a slightly purple puffy dress, I shook my head yes. He handed it to me then started finding green dresses. "Okay Niall. I know you love the color green but green makes me look really pale!"  fake frowned and moved on.

I was running my hang through the racks when this Red dress stook out to me. I pulled it out of the rack. It was tiny. I looked at the size. My size. It was red ruffles all over with the sleeves that hang off from your shoulder. I liked it. I ran to my dressing room and tried it on. It was EVERYTHING Louis wasnted. I liked it and he should to. I wnated it. I quickly got undressed and folded the dress and took it to the check out

"Hi miss. Will this be all for you?"

My voice was shacky, I know if Liam saw it without it on me he wouldnt let me get it I had to hurry up and buy it. " Yes mam. For now it is."

She smiled, fake obviously. "Okay miss that would be $40.02. "

I smiled and handed her Louis card. It didnt have his name on it so she didnt question anything. "Okay here is your card and your bad."

I smiled, "Umm could you hold this bag until my party and I are done shopping. I didnt want them to see my dress so i went ahead and baught it."

She nodded, "Unsderstand. I will put the other clothes yall buy with this one." She smiled."

I smiled, "Thank you so much." she smiled and nodded. I walked away.

Liam and Harry walked up with some dresses.. They were so kiddish. Harry looked like he was in hell, made me laugh. "Okay! Ayna! try these on." Liam said taking the pile from Harry and handed them to me.

Niall and Zayn added on to the pile. "And these 10 dresses." I sighed and wadddled to the dressing room. After spending the rest of the afternoon trying on dressed we got 12 dresses. 9 of those from Zayn and Nialls pile and 3 from Liam and Harry's pile. We payed and the lady handed me a bigger bag. "The red dress is at the bottom." She smiled and I smiled and nodded.

We had lunch at the court and then went shoe shopping, ones to mach a few of the dresses. All I wanted was to find some heels for my red dress.

We walked into Shoe Plus. I ran over to the Heels with Zayn and Niall, Harry pulled us back, leaving Liam by the door. " Hell no. One of ayll are going with Liam.. Not going to hell again."

I looked at Niall. He sighed.  "I shall go to Hell!" He skipped over to Liam and locked arms. Then went to the flats. Again, kiddie stuff, " I yelled to them, Size 6 "

I walked over to the Heels with Zayn and Harry who were playing around, well harry was Zayn was being serious.

I walked away from Zayn and Harry and went to my shoe size, 6. I found the perfect wedge heels. They were boots but ankle books and they tied in the front. I loved them. They were pretty high so I sneeked them to check out and did the same thing as it was at the dress shop.

Liam came back with the same style of shoe as the boot heels. But flats. I had to have them in case I hurt my feet tomorrow. We bough 4 pair of heels and 3 pairs of flats.

We headed home in the car on the way home, Zayn was going through the dress bad and nudged me, he whispered, "Why is there a tight tight looking dress in here." I didnt say anything. "Ayna. Be careful. Dont give Lou a wrong Idea. Careful." I nodded and before I could say anything I was asleep. The last thing I remeber is being put in my bed. I was sound asleep

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