Lost and Found

Ayna goes on a class trip with her classmates to London. Her and her classmates are from Cali, the party state of America. Ayna's mom is pure British and was born in London, later moved to the states when she was little. Ayna's grandfather paid for the trip to London, about 5,000 dollors, so she could get to know some of her family history. Will she find more family in London? Will she find love in London? Read and find out (:


4. Life Changing Moments

Liam P.O.V


I walked into the livingroom to join the boys. Louis was sitting on the floor and the other on the couch. My phone started ringing a ring tone just so I know it was my mum. I smiled and answered the phone as I was sitting down next to the boys.

"Hey Mum." I smiled widely, waiting for her to answer, The guys started making hearts and mouthing 'Mummys boy.' I threw  a pillow at them.

" Hey baby. I called to quickly let you know that your cousin fromAmerica is coming to London on a class trip with her mates. If you see her just say ' Hi' or somthing. "

I made a weird looking face. Cousin, cousin, Nope doesnt ring a bell. "Mum, I have a cousin from America?" The boys looked at me weird.

" Yes baby. Thast what I just said. Last time you saw her she was like 4 and you were 8."

I shook my head, " I dont remember going to America when I was 8." The boys started laughing. I threw another pillow at them, mostly Niall cause he was laughing loudly. He shut up for about 2 seconds.

" Yes, from my side of the family. Your aunt Sandy's daughter." My mum seemed to be in a hurry, cause she was talking fast. " Liam, you should remember her if you ever see her while she is here. But I have got to go! Shopping with the girls today."

I remembered my aunt Sandy, just not that she had a daughter, " Mum can I at least Have her name?" I asked pretty quick.

" Bye Liam!!! " The line cut off. I pressed the end button and curssed under my breathe.

" Okay we know that was your mummy, Who is this girl?" Niall asked bluntly.

I sighed, " Appearently my cousin from America is coming to London for a class trip and I might see her? I dont understand my mums point of this. " They all looked at me weird. 

I noticed Louis was gone, " Guys, where is Lou?" Harry and Zayn pointed to Louis in the hall talking to someone on the phone, he didnt seem to be to happy. We all sat there and listened.

" Eleanor! Don't do this! We can work it out.... I love you.. Please dont do this." Lou was pleading. We all looked at each other and frowned.

" I love you too. Which is why we don't need to take a break.... El... We can work on this togeather... Don't leave.." His voice lowered to a whisper and cracked. He leaned up against the wall. " Bye Eleanor..." He hit the end call button and chunked his phone down the hall. We didnt hear a shatter so it was okay, We couldnt say the same for Lou.

Louis slid himself down the wall and huddled in a ball and sat there. We pretended we didnt ear anything. We turned on the T.V and stared at the screen, a few minutes later Louis came out with his eyes puffy and red cheeks.

" Everything okay man?" Niall asked like he had no mind, We all glared at him. Louis shrugged. " Sure, Eleanor dumped me cause she wants to 'Focus on her studdies' We all know what that means." You couold see  tears start to fill up in his eyes. When Eleanor dumps Louis cause of 'stidies' that normally means, she has a boy toy to toss around..

" Lou, I'm sor-" He cut me off. " Save it Liam. I'm gonna go out for a walk." I sit back and watch Lou go get his phone and oput the door. I felt really bad for him. I wish Eleanor didnt do this so much.


Ayna P.O.V

I was awaken by the sound of the flight attenent over the intercome, " Passangers of flight 562, we will reach London airport in approxamently 5 minutes. Gather your things and stay seated please. Thank you." She still sounded a bit perky. I giggle a little sitting up in my seat.

I gathered everything I had brought on the plane with me. I looked at the iPod and it had died. I picked it up and went to put it in my puch when I saw the back of it. OneDirection iPod case with their names on it. I sighed and shoved it into my bag. I waited till the flight attendent said it was okay to move.

" Flight 562, Thank your for your patients and Thank you for flying with us. You may now stand and make an orderly line out of the plane, Please and thank you. The time is 11:00 p.m enjoy the rest of your night." She smiled at me as I left the plane. I smiled back.

Our class was told to wait by baggage claim. I had already found my bags and was now sitting on them waiting on the others. It was about 3:00 p.m here. Seemed later than that. Once everyone got their bags and was able to carry everything. We headed off.

" Okay children, we will first go to the Hotel and drop off out things and then get a head start." Mrs.Mayers had everything planed out, everything had a time and place we needed to be. I was excited! We had to walk to the hotel, I didnt mind it much but the boys complained like it was their job. It made me wanna turn around and hit them. Everything was all peachy perfect when all of a sudden all the girls started screaming, I was stardled by the shreaking noices the girls started to make.

" Oh My God!!! It's Louis Tomlinson!!!!!" All of the girls in my class ran over to the person they saw. I didn't understand why, he should just be a normal person. I growled at how stupid these girls were.

" Ayna, stay here and don't move, I know you like to wonder off. Plus someone has to look after the boys." I nodded and it was true, I do like to wonder off, I guess thats what my parents were telling her about. I stayed while Mrs.Mayers stormed over to the other girls causing them and the guy to look over, We made eye contact, but i looked away and the ground. I could feel eyes staring at me and smiling. I looked up and saw Mrs.Mayers talking to the guys and the girls. Then I realized, I pulled out my iPod my mom came me and turned it over.. I was right, It was Louis from One DIrection. I didnt freak out or anything. All he seemed like to me was a normal person who had an amazing voice. I put away the device and looked up. He was still looking at me. I blushed and looked down. He chuckled and signed some papers that my classmates had. Louis looked amazing in person. Like you wouldnt believe. Its different from when you look at a picture then see the real thing. I was speechless.

Soon the girls rushed back over with Mrs.Mayers. " Okay everyone, We dont have time to run to the hotel. Just carry your stuff."  Everyone groaned and I glared at a few of the girls, who where not looking just too busy giggle over a piece of paper.

 I pulled out my camera and started taking pictures. Everyting was beautiful, I couldnt believe I was roaming the streets like my mom did. I wish I could just go out on my own and look around. I though and Mrs.Mayers was not looking. I stayed behind the boys then took this ally to the other side of the street. I knew what the hotel was called. All I had to do was ask. I was on my own for a while, I liked it better this way. I pulled out my phone and texted my mom, letting her know I made it safe. My grand father paid so I could have my phone in any other country in the world, or just anywhere outside of the U.S. I was staring down at my phone when I bumped into someone on the street. I let out a grunt and fell to the ground.

"I- I'm sorry mate, I didnt see you there. You okay." A young man helped me off the ground and grabbed my pouch then handed it to me. I looked up and it was Louis Tomlinson, I didnt panic. I smiled a little.

" Hi, its all okay. Umm you look famillar? " I sounded confused. He did for a second as well then snapped back into it.

" Oh yea! Your thatchick that was staring at me while I was being mobbed by a bunch of Americans." He smirked.

I puffed my air, " I was not staring, You were staring at me." I smiled then we bother started laughing. " Hi I'm Ayna."

I held out my hand and he took it and put it up to his mouth and kissed the top of it, "Hi, I'm Louis." He smiled while putting my hand down.

I blushed, " Well are you not friendly. " I chuckled and he did too. " Well it's ncie to meet you Louis." I smiled.

" Like wise Ayna, by the way, that is such a pretty name." He smiled. I blushed slightly.

" Thanks. Louis isnt a bad name, It is one of my favorites." I giggled a little.

" Well Ayna, what brings you here to London, You sound American and you were with those American jumper girls." He laughed, I did too.

" I am from America , I'm here on a trip with my school, well my classmates." I smiled I put my pouch on my shoulder.

He looked at me funny. " Well shoudlnt you be with them? " He laughed slightly.

 I nodded, " Yeah, but I like going on my own. I like being free." He nodded.

" I understand. Sometimes I like to be free," He smiled as if he was hurt.

I frowned a little, " You okay Lou?" He looked at me weird.

" DId you just call me Lou?" I nodded.


 " Yeah, dont other people in your band call you that," I chuckled.

He blushed. " Yeah. I didnt think yu knew about One Direction."

I shrugged, " I really don't, not till this morning."

He looked at me all funny.. " Thats a story I will tell later if you are still around."

He laughed, " Oh boy, I cant wait to hear this one." He chuckled, " Ayna, do you mind if I talk and walk with you?" 

I smiled. Glad he said that, " Sure," He held out his hand I took it. We were walking hand in hand going down the street, " Wait, you skipped the subject, you subject skipper, Now tell me what is wrong."

His smiled dissapeared. " M-My girlfriend dumped me today.. over the phone, Just maybe an hour ago."

 He looked up with me with hurt filling his eyes. " Louis, I'm sorry. Well she is stupid to hurt and leave someone like you, I know I just met you but I feel like I have known you longer than that, You dont need that,"

He smiled slightly. " Thanks Ayna. Your a really nice person. "

I smiled. " I dont have to try. " I giggled and he laughed, I let go of his hand and gave hima hug. I pulled away and he looked shocked. " You okay Louis." I laughed,

" Yeah, I'm fine, its just I never had anyone randomly hug me before," I laughed and a smile creeped on his face. We were just walking and he was pulling suit case.

"So Ayna, Tell me about yourself?" He asked happy like,

I nodded, " Well my name is Ayna-" He cut me off.

" Obviously, Its on your neck." He chuckled as I looked down and saw the silver chain.

 I smiled. " Oh yeah, Well im from California, I'm 15 and yeah... Thats basic info."
 I laughed while he looked shocked, " Louis whats wrong this time?"

He laughed nervously. " Nothing, your only 15 ?" I nodded and he kinda frowned. "Darn, You seem older than 15. maybe 18. "
 I let out a laugh but he was serious, " Sorry to dissipoint Lou."

He smiled and nodded, "Its okay. Now its my turn. Okay My name is Louis, im 21 and I'm from the UK." He looked over and smiled at me.  

I smiled back. " Wow your so..."

He cut in, " Dont you say it!!"

I laughed, " Your so..."

He glared, " Im warning you!!"

I had to do it. " Your just so.. Old."

He dropped his jaw, " Dont say that ever again,"

I laughed, " Louis Is old!!!" I said a little bit louder.

He smiled, " Dont make me get you."

I wanted to test him, " Louis is older than money!!!"

Louis laughed. " I'm gonna get you! Ayna!"

I did it one more time. " Louis Is Old!!!"

He pushed me into an ally and pinnd me against the wall and started to tickle me. I laughed and squealed and he kept tickleing me

" Louis!!! Louis!! Stop! My ribs hurt!" I was laughing too much.

Louis smiled, " Say your sorry then." I shook my head,

 His face got closer to mine, "Say your sorry Ayna."

I shook my head smiled. " Fine!! Tickle time!!"

He started to tickle me, I had enough, " Alright! Alright!! I will apoligize."

He smiled playfully and came up to my face. Inches away from our lips brushing.

" I'm sorry Louis." I smiled at him,

He smiled back. " Sorry for what Ayna?"  

He still had me pinned to the wall using one of his hands.

" I'm sorry for calling you old." I smiled sweetly at him

 he couldnt stop smiling. " Good! " He brushed my lips with his before letting me go. It made me go crazy on the inside.

We walked out of the ally and got some strang looks from people. We ignored them and walked for a little bit longer.

" Ayna, its getting late, Shouldnt you be getting back to your class." Louis asked me politely.

I sheepishly smiled, " I dont know where they are," I sighed.

Louis laughed, " Thats fine you can crash with me and the band tonight, if you like and I will help you find your class tomorrow, The boys will help too, If you want." He smiled at me like he wanted me to stay with them.

I smiled. " Sure, I'm not a fan of walking in the dark so I would be happy to stay with you till the morning."

He nodded and smiled, " Thats fine and I got your bags, so just keep up with me and we will be at the house any minute."

 I smiled and nodded, I never thought my first day in London would end with me going to One Directions house. Well I had no choice since i'm lost in the city of London. I couldnt wait to meet the other, Maybe Liam would remeber me from over 8 years ago.

I looked up at Louis and smiled, He smiled back at me and folded my arm onto his. We were now arm and arm walking down the street.


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