Lost and Found

Ayna goes on a class trip with her classmates to London. Her and her classmates are from Cali, the party state of America. Ayna's mom is pure British and was born in London, later moved to the states when she was little. Ayna's grandfather paid for the trip to London, about 5,000 dollors, so she could get to know some of her family history. Will she find more family in London? Will she find love in London? Read and find out (:


7. Finding The Group.

Ayna P.O.V

 The next morning I was awaken by Liam, " Cousin, come on, time to wake up. You need to get back to your little school group."
I groaned and rolled out of bed, hitting the floor. I heard laughter at the door, Louis and Harry was standing there. "We came to help you get out of bed, but I think you got that part done!" Harry laughed. 

I glared an growled. " I'm not a morning person. Fuck off." I put my head to the floor.

 I heard footsteps come by me. " Oh. Sassy in the mornings I see, no wonder why you like Lou and he likes you." Harry said picking me off the floor and carring me to the livingroom.

"Harry!! Put me down!! Please! Harry!!!" I screamed as e ran into the livingroom circling the couch.

"Come on Harry put the poor girl down!" Zayn said walking over to Niall who was shoving several spoons of food in his mouth. 

Liam watched and shivered, " Ugh, Spoons..."

Niall busted into laughter. "Spoons! Spoons!! Spoons!!!" Shoving the spoon in Liams face. "Liam Don't make me sing the spoon song!!"

Liams face turned into horror. "Somthing is telling me you watch ' The adventured of One Direction part 2..." Liam backed up and out of the kitchen.

Niall and Zayn laughed, " Yep!! It was a good one!!!" Niall said clasping his hands.

Zayn jopined in, hitting Niall on the arm. "Yeah!! Thanks for leaving in the Grabage shoot for 9 months!! At least I dont really smell of trash." He winked and walked to his room.

Harry finally put me down, I was confused as ever. "What are you all talking about?" "

They all looked at me, " Its a cartoon video this amaing guy made. He is pure talent!" Louis said sitting next to me. Liam glared at him. Louis just sat there anyway.

I got up, " I need to go get dressed." Iw alked away and took off my ' Ayna ' necklace and put on, ' I'm Half Irish and Half British, Kiss Me.' necklace with some jean skinnies and a random t-shirt. and my Vans. I brushed my staright hair and walked out of the room wearing a little bit of makeup.

The guys looked at me and Liam stood beside me. " Ayna, you look pretty!! " Niall said. All the guys nodded in agreement.

Liam stood infront of me pushing me behind him. " Okay! No! No! No!No! " He started pointed at the guys. " Zayn you have Perrie, Niall you have Holly, Harry you have that old lady from the video and Louis.. You have Harry. Not my cousin!" Lou looked down adn got up and went to the bathroom. The others laughed.  Liam looked at me. "I'm protecting you Ayna, Louis can be dangerious and ver.. VERY sexual. Stay away."

I nodded.. but it was too late. Louis and I were dating.. Lou cant be that bad. " okay. I will go get my things and we can go." Liam nodded and went away. I went back in the room adn Louis was sitting on the bed. I smiled. "Lou what are you doing?"

"Helping you with you bags." He smiled glancing to me neck, "Nice necklace? Ive never seen one half Irish and half British." he chuckled.

"Well it might be cause its special made and I'm Half British and Half Irish." I smiled

He looked at me weird. " You were born in America? " He sounded so confused.

" I am, but my mom is Full British and My dad is Full Irish. Making me half/ half. " I smiled nad Lou did too.

" Your adorable." I blushed when he walked over to me and kissed my lips softly.

" Lou,we should get my bags." I smiled and Louis went to grab my stuff.

We walked out of the room, Liam and the others were looking at me. Louis smiled. "Guess what? Ayna is hlaf nad half. She is British and Irish." They looked at him like he is crazy!

I smiled. " Its true, My dad is half Irish adn my mom is British." they smiled

Liam walked over taking my bags from Louis and making him moveaway from me. " Well that was a random fact about Ayna, lets go."

We all piled out the door and to the streets. We soon came across some kids, It was my class and there was my teacher.

 " Omg! Ayna!! There you are!!!" Mrs.Mayers yelled running over to me and taking my wrist,
the girls in my class went crazy again. " Ayna, You are not aloud to just take off, what if something happened to you? 
I sighed, " but nothing happen to me." I looked at the guys. " Help me" I mouthed 

Liam jumped on it. " Excuse me Mrs..."


"Oh okay, Mrs.Mayers. We love Ayna to death and she is my cousin, we are family, Ayna and I are, Can I just take her off your hands? " Liam asked so sweetly.

Mrs.Mayers looked at me. I nodded. " I would have to call her mother and I dont have a phone atthe moment."

I sighed. " Take mine! It works over seas, Mt grandfather paid for it.. so it works." i said handing her my mom on my moms contact and my voice trailing off.

Mrs.Mayers took the phone and pressed call and put it on speaker. My mom picked up on the third ring, " Hey Ayna!! How is the trip love?" I looked at the guys and they looked at me stunned, I nodded. Liam smiled.

" Acually. This is Mrs.Mayers. Ayna ran off yesterday when we arrived in London and she appearently met some guys and one is claiming to be a relitive.  Claiming he is her cousin." She said firmly.

My mom answered quickly. " Oh.. Is is there now?"

" Yes'mam! He is!" Mrs.Mayers smiled. thinking she would yell.

"May I speak to him? " Mrs.mayers nodded to Liam.

" Hi Aunt. Sandy!!" Liam said with a smile.

" Oh my!! Liam!! It is so nice to speak with you!! I miss you! Been over 6 years. Come visit!!" My mom wouldnt shut up.

"Its been 8 years, Aunt. Snady." Liam laughed and the boys were still in shock over my moms accent and that I dont  speack like her.

" Okay give me Ayna's teacher back."

Liam handed the phone back to Mrs.Mayers. "Hia Mrs.Sandy, you know this boy?"

" I do!! Thats my nephew!!" She was smiling I could tell. 

" Is it okay if Liam and his friends take her off my hands?  He was asking and I wnated to be sure it was okay with you."

" Yes!!!! She can stay with Liam as long as she wnats and he will let her." Liam pulled me to him and put his arm around my shoulder. Louis sqeezed my hips, causing me to jump and giggle. Liam didnt notice but the others did.

"Okay, Thanks!! " I was handed my phone back, " Thanks mom, I will call you and dad later. Love you bye." I hung up the phone and put it in my pocket.

Mrs.Mayers held her clip board to Liam, " Sign here, that way I can sign Ayna to you and she will be in your care and hands. " Liam signed the paper. " Okay Ayna, see you back at school."

I nodded, " Thanks Mrs.Mayers." We walked aaway

 I hit Louis in the butt for ticling me earlier. " Oh! Kinky I see!" Louis winked and I rolled my eyes.

"Okay Ayna, you are ours!! We can walk back to the house and drop your stuff off and do whatever." Liam said smiling down at me.

" I wanna eat!!!" Niall said sounding like a kid.

I sighed. " You just ate!!!!" I laughed.

Niall sighed. " I'm always hungry." He smiled at me.

"Well your gonna work fro your food" Liam took my bags and I jumped on Niall's back. " Come on horsey!!!" Niall began to run slightly.

I laughed and saw many people take pictures I looked back at Liam who was yealling after Niall. He looked at him and nodded.

Niall began to run fast. " Niall where are we going?" I was paniking.

"Getting you away from the press, before people ask more questions." He sounded out of breath but still ran.

We soon were at the house and were inside, Niall had some water and was drinking it. " I have never ran that fast in my life."

 I laughed. " Sorry! "

He smiled and came closer to me, " Nah thats okay, I dont want people to ask question about you or hate you." He tucked the hair behind my ear and hesistated and moved away from me and to the couch, " wanna watch some Telly?"

I nodded, " Sure." I walked over and sat beside him. " I'm sleepy." I said quietly.

Niall laughed, " You can put your head on my shoulder if you like?"

I smiled. " You tall.." I giggled slightly."

Niall slouched a little bit. " How is this," He asked smiling at me.

" Perfect." I layed my head on his shoulder. Soon I heard slight breathing andsoft snoring. Niall was sleeping on my head. I giggled. I decited to take a nap.


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