Lost and Found

Ayna goes on a class trip with her classmates to London. Her and her classmates are from Cali, the party state of America. Ayna's mom is pure British and was born in London, later moved to the states when she was little. Ayna's grandfather paid for the trip to London, about 5,000 dollors, so she could get to know some of her family history. Will she find more family in London? Will she find love in London? Read and find out (:


1. Field Trip!

Ayna P.O.V


I was sitting in class when the teacher, Mrs.Mayers, started talking about the yearly class trip.


" Okay class, This year the trip will be different. Since I thought most Juniors this year are learning about London and the UK, That the yearly trip this year should be a trip to London. What do you all think?"


Everyone started to chatter amoung theirselves. I stayed quiet, I didnt really have many people to talk to in the class. I was the quiet child growing up, never really got in trouble and kept to myself and always tried to avoid drama and problems. My mom can relate since she was a pure Brit growing up around here, it wasn't so easy. She was teased for her accent. I don't understand why, I find her accent attractive and lovely. So does my father. My dad has an accent as well, He is a pure Irish. I love my parents, everyone who has met them finds them unique and awkwardly amazing.


Mrs.Mayers tried to calm the class down while passing out the forms for the trip.


" Okay class, this trip is quite expensive. It is okay if you cant go, I understand. Not most people can afford these kinds of trips."


Mrs.Mayers passed the sheet of paper to me and smiled. I already knew I wouldnt be able to go. Considering I never went on these kinds of trips anyway. I looked at the paper and lost my breathe. 5,000 dollors was the cost for this trip. I was in shock, I can understand the cost for the ticket there and back and a hotel for a week and a half, but it was still way to costly. I sighed and put the paper in my binder.

" Okay. These forms are due next week and the money too!! The trip is only 2 weeks away."

I gasped, why make the trip so soon. Half the class giggled talking about how excited they were, knowing they could go. I go to a private school her in Cali. My grandparents paided for it when we moved here, We lived in New York, I had tons of friends there and had a love. We moved cause my father found a better paying job and my mom thought it would be good for me. I don't see how she came to that conclusion since I had tons of friends there and none here. We moved her about a year ago. I'm now 15 and still miss New York. The bell rang telling us we could go home, I was happy and walked home, it wasn't a far walk since I lived across the street.


I walked through the door, " Hey! I'm home!! " I walked to my room and opened the door, there was a box sitting on my bed, I tossed my bag in the chair across the room and walked over to my bed. I looked around, making sure no one was there, and smirked as I opened the box. There was a note inside.


" Nice try Kiddo! Look behind you! XX Mum and Pa."


I sighed and turned around. My mom and dad were standing there with a tiny box in my dads hands.

"I know your birthday is months away, but we thought you deserved this, since your doing so well in school."


I walked over to my dad and he placed the box in my hand. I smiled.


" Straight A's since you were 10! " My mom laughed.


I smiled and hugged her, My dad smiled. " What are you waiting for babe, Open it ! " I looked at the box and opened it. There was a necklace inside that said, ' I'm Half Irish and Half British. Kiss me! ' I laughed and smiled.


" Thanks you guys are amazing. I couldnt ask for better, Accented parents ever!!" I huged their necks holding the necklace in its box in my hand.


" Look again Angel." I looked at my dad confused like. I looked down and saw a tag that said 'Pull here' I looked up and my parents nodded their head. I pulled the tag and under the pervious necklace was another one. A silver chain with a name on it, 'Ayna' was on it in silver. The 'A' on Ayna had tiny dimonds on it. I felt tears in my eyes. I have been wanting one of these for a long time.

 " Oh my gosh! I love you guys!! " I hugged their necks again. " I cant beleive you accually got it! " They laughed at my words.

" Your have been doing EXTREAMLY well in school and private schools can be tough, it is at least we can do. " I smiled. " I cant say thanks enough." They nodded. My dad took the ' Ayna ' necklace out and placed it on my neck. I looked in the mirror and smiled. The necklace brought out my eyes. I looked a lot like my dad. He and I both had dark brown hair and I had green eyes while he had blue. I got my eyes from my mom who had lgiht brown hair and green eyes. It didnt make sence to me cause if you look at them they dont seem Irish or British at all, but when they talk, their heavy accents fill your ears. It was a good thing, then when I talk all you hear is a normal American accent. I hated it, I always wanted to speak like my parents. I can put on a great accent, I just never use it.


" So how was school Pumpkin? " my mom asked walking out of my room, hoping I would follow.


" Great! We got forms for the yearly field trip."


  My dad sighed, " Whats is this year."


I went to my bag and came back with a peice of paper. I handed it to him.


" London. Not bad for Sophomores to go to London. " my dad said sarcasticly. "London is filled with clubs and drinkers. Not a good idea. But i'm glad that my daughter has the mind not to go off and drink and do crazy things!" He smiled at me. He jokes around and says stuff that not needed most of the time. It always never fails to make me laugh.


" London!! Thast where I was born! When I was little I used to roam the streets with some friends and play games in the street. It's such a beautiful place now, and we have some family over there. I would love for you to go. "  My mom seems instresting in this trip.


I smiled. " I would love to go and roam the streets like you did. " I paused and looked at my dad, who was staring at me. " Not what you think father." I looked back at mom. " I would love to learn about where my family is from and born and know about my family history. " I smiled.

My dad was garing at the paper and them mom. " Babe, this is way too much. " Mom frowned. " How much is it hun?" Dad looked at the paper again. "5,000 dollors." Mom laughed, " Yeah... Thats kinda much." I nodded in agreement. Dad set the paper on the counter and went to the livingroom to watch some T.V.


There was a knock on the door a few moments later. " Thats must be my father, Ayna would you be a doll and go answer it?" Mom was cooking so she couldnt. I jumped up, " Grandfather is here!!!" Mom smiled as I jogged to the door and opened it.


" Grandfather!!!! " I smiled and hugged his nack, " I missed you! " his deep laugh filled my ears with joy, " I missed you too, lets go join everyone else." He had a deep and when I say deep I mean DEEP accent. We eneterf the kicthen and sat on a few stools.


" Evening Father, How you do today ?" I hated when my mother talked so properly it annoyed me a bit. " Very well, How about you Love?" She nodded. " Well. " I sat there holding my head up with my hands, and elbows on the counter.


" What is this ?" Grandfather fround the field trip slip on the counter and picked it up. He put on his glasses and began to read. I looked at mom and she looked at me. " Who is going to London in a few weeks ?"  I sighed, "Not me." He looked at me. " Why not love ?" I sighed again. " Its too costly.." He nodded in agreement. " I understand. Thats why I wanna pay for it. " I looked at mom and back at him and smiled. " Wait What??" He nodded his head in confirmence. " Yes. I am paying for the trip." Mom put down the knife she was cutting with and wiped her hand. " Father, I cant let you do that, You are already paying Tons of your own money on Ayna's school. We can't ask you of any more." Grandfather shook his head, " No! I am going to pay for this trip. It is around report card time and Ayna is doing very well in school. It is at least I can do." I smiled and couldnt stop. My dad walked into the kistchen.


" I knew I heard my father-in-law. We missed you so much." My dad said with a smile while pulling Granfather into a hug. I was excited. " Grandfather said he would pay for my trip!" My dad shook his head. "We can't ask you do do this." Grandfather stook his ground. " I am not changing my mind, She deserves this, It is a way to learn about her family history and she can have fun while doing it." I smiled. My parents couldnt argue with that statement, They nodded while grandfather got his check book out. For some reason he was rich. I tend to find it funny how, many old people now days are rich. He ripped the paper out of the bank book and handed it to me. " Here you go Babe, Have tons of fun on that trip." I smiled and hugged him. " Thanks! I will never be able to pay you back. " I let go of the hug and he smiled. " You don't have to. Your Love and how much you care for me is enough." I smiled.


" Time for dinner! Who is hungry." I laughed, " Me!! I'm, starving!" Dad glared at me. " You ate like 5 minutes ago." Mom glared at me. " How dare you eat before dinner, you should know better." I just laughed, I stayed hungry but I could never gain the weight. We gathered around the kitchen table and said a prayer. I was thankful for the gift my parents gave me and the amazing once in a life time gift my grandfather gave me. I was excited about this trip now.  I couldn't wait to roam London like my mom did when she was little.

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