Lost and Found

Ayna goes on a class trip with her classmates to London. Her and her classmates are from Cali, the party state of America. Ayna's mom is pure British and was born in London, later moved to the states when she was little. Ayna's grandfather paid for the trip to London, about 5,000 dollors, so she could get to know some of her family history. Will she find more family in London? Will she find love in London? Read and find out (:


15. Date Night


 I walked out of my room and saw all of the guys standing there, Louis walked over and pecked my cheek. "So Babe, This is how things are gonna work tonight.. Dinner out then we are going to go to the movies then home. Is that okay?"  Louis looked at me but mostly Liam. I nodded and so did Liam. "So what are you wearing tonight?"

I smiled at him, "It is a very special surprise!" I smiled and winked while walking away, I looked at Zayn who was giving me worried looks.

I was in my room for a good five minutes before I heard a knock, "Come on in loves."

I was going through the bags for the dress and shows to have them set out. I turned and say Zayn. "Ayna, we really need to talk. What are you doing to Louis?"

I shrugged, "Being a girlfriend?"

Zayn shook his head," No your acting like you want to sleep with him!"

I laughed, but he was serious, "Well. Maybe I want to.." I actually thought about it.

Zayn shook his head. "No! Ayna, don't do that. Your going to waste away your life."

I faced him," What the fuck Zayn? Having sex is going to ruin, everything for me?"

He nodded. " You don't know what could happen!"

I scuffed, "And you know everything?" I crossed my arms

He puffed, "I'm looking out for you! I've know Louis for almost 3 years. You have known him for 3 weeks!"

I understood where he was coming from but I just can't let him win. "I was told that you slept with Perrie the first night y'all met!?"

Zayn scuffed. "That's bull shit! Look.. Don't run to me with tears when your heart gets smashed after he gets in your pants." with that he left.

I kept running through those words through my head. But it wasn't bothering me.

Louis poked his head in, "Babe, start getting ready leaving in an hour and 30. " I nodded and smiled.

I walked over to the tiny red dress and heels. I smiled. Zayn is stupid, maybe. I don't really know. I walked over the bathroom and curled my hair and slipped into the tinny dress, It was my size just didn't look like it. I put on the heels that made my calves look tiny on and looked in the mirror. I had light make up, big butt, huge boobs. I think I like this look.

I popped my head out the door, "I'm ready guys!!"  Everyone was set center room.

I walked out and Niall turned red. "Shit!" Liam hit his arm and cursed him under his breath.

Louis walked over to me, grabbing my hand, "Damn Ayna. You look ho- I mean Beautiful as ever!!" He bent down to my and into my ear, "Can't wait to get a piece and tear you up tonight" I giggled.

Zayn glared, He wasn't jealous just.. protective. Liam didn't say a word and Harry... He eyed me up and down without stopping. I giggled.  "Ayna and I are going to the Limo! Bye guys!!"

Liam didn't say anything.. Strange. He was probably speechless.

Louis sat close to me and kept rubbing my silk like skin up and down. Gave me tingles, I like the attention he was giving me.

We pulled up to this dinner place, I looked at him and smiled. "Are you even hungry?" He asked me and I shook my head. "Okay do you just wanna go to the movies?" I nodded and accidently bit my lip making Louis horny. I could feel his boner. Maybe this is a mistake...

We quickly went to the movies and got tickets. We got our seats and the movie started. Louis kept putting his hands up my dress. I had to push them away. He lent over in my ear. "I want you love."

I giggled and looked at him. I pushed his hand away, "I know!" I smirked. He glared but playfully.

my eyes were glues to the screen then I was lifted and I was now facing Louis. I smiled. "What are you doing?"  He giggled. "You." Well that was smart com back. My heart skipped a beat. I smiled. "Here?" I looked around. He nodded but I shook my head. "How about a pre show?" He nodded and I kissed him fiercely. Not even caring about that movie. I felt Louis move my hips with his. I giggled.

"What is it love?" I grabbed his hands and pushed him away and stood up. I held my hand out. "Screw this movie Tomlinson and come screw me! " Why did I just say that!! I didn't mean it... Or did I? I have no idea. Louis  followed me out of the screening room and we came across the driver, "Yall ready to go?" I shook my head. "It got hot in there, we are just going for a walk around, that okay?" He nodded. "Just come back when your ready to leave." He shot a smile. So did I.

Louis opened the door and I got in. Louis closed and locked all the doors. I smiled and grabbed him towards me and kissing him. Louis made his hands up the dress and off my body. I smiled and help his out of his suit and tie. He was now only in boxers and I was only in my lacy bra and underwear. I clinged to Louis. "What's wrong? First time?" He said more in a joking matter. I nodded. "For everything. First kiss, first time." I smiled at him and he smiled back. "I can make things easy. Promise love." I nodded and let go of him. He layed me down on the seats, I could feel my heart pounding through my chest.

Louis stopped what he was doing, "Are you sure about this? I can ask all the time." I nodded. "Positive."

I closed my eyes and I heard Lou say, "This is going to hurt. A little for a lot." I nodded and felt nothing but pain. I held in my cries. I think Louis could tell, I felt arms lift me up and I was facing Louis. I kissed him without hesitation, "You okay Ayna?" I nodded and kissed him. "Make the pain feel better" Louis smiled. "That's my girl" I could feel him entering in and out of me. Soon the pain stopped and it felt good. I moaned under his kiss. Louis undid my bra and let it fall to the floor. He cupped my breast and started moving them around. I moaned even louder.

Louis smiled and moaned. He pulled out and laid beside me. "We might need to go home." I agreed.

Louis helped get me dress and I helped him. We walkout out of the Limo and fans were standing there.. Did they hear? Poparazzi was there too. "Louis Tomlinson! What just happen in there?!?" My face looked like I cried for a minute. Louis whispered to me, "Keep your head down. And don't say a word," You could obviously tell. We had done something cause we were both a mess and sweaty.

The driver met us around back and we went home. We opened the door to 4.. very..very pissed off  boys...

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