Bad News, Heartbreaks & New Relationships

Reads to find out!!!


4. The Break

Anna POV:

We were ssitting there and Louis asked where harry was i tried holding back the tears and told all of them i got sympathy but the room was filled with joy......OKKKAAAY then. After we were talking for a while and out of no where i hear a knock on the front door. Harry came in with a confused look on his face. then i realized how i was all over liam and i shifted over."Can we talk" harry aasked calmly i slowly got up and we walked toward the kitchen.(H-Harry A-Anna)

H- i wanted to talk to you

A- What is there to talk about harry

H- it wasnt what it looked like

A-well it look like u were makingout with that slut

H- she isnt a Slut!!!

A-Oh so people that throw themself at other peoples boyfriend ist a slut!

H- Anna Please like you havent looked at the boys in a more than friend sorta way??

A- maybe i have but i dont go and makeout with them!!!!

H-Surree then y r u all over liam

A-sorry i needed a friend because my boyfriend likes to cheat on me!

(long silence)

A- what r we fighting for

H- idk what your fighting for but im fighting for the one i love

A-well harry maybe we should take a break.

H- i dont want to i want you all of you forever and always til the day i die

A- no you dont u just think you do lets take a break and we can figure this out when everything makes sense

Anna POV

i walke over to him and kissed him on the cheek "we were planning to go to the club you wanna come with" i asked "im alright" he said and with that he left

Louis POV

YESS she isnt getting back with harry and i know i shouldnt think this but i can make her way happier then he ever could im gonna win her over at the club.

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