Bad News, Heartbreaks & New Relationships

Reads to find out!!!


2. The Almost Kiss

Anna POV

I woke up embraced in liams arms he looked soo sweet and man when he said he had abs. Liam startled me by saying  "good morning beautiful" i blushed Harry never called me beautiful he has called me hot and sexy but never beautiful. "good morning" i smiled we wnt down stairs and started making pancakes. And it ended in a huge pancake batter war and laim had me pinned against the wall.

Liams POV

Went down stairs and made breakfast.. WELL.. actally i threw batter at her and ended up as a batter war i had her pinned up agains6 the wall this is it liam all u have to do is lean in  and kiss her thats it she doesnt know it but i loved her from the very start


"hi im Anna"  wow wasw she beautiful wiat liam u have dani "URM..Ehh.. Im.. Um Liam" I blushed wow dani never made me blush before she is the one then i got a text from Harry

HARRY: I Call Dibs!!

really harry u couldnt wait

TO HARRY: I Dont Care I have a girlfriend

stop lying liam

HARRY:Good now to make sure the other boys got the idea


I leaned in She leaned in to and then i heard the door open and 3 sets of feet head toward the kichen i backed a way like nothing happened.

Annas POV

He almost kissed me to be honest ive had a thing for all the boys just a lil crush is all you know the boys came in the kichen and devoured the little pancakes we had time to make


Hey srry i havent updated again my computer broke in 3 pieces so ya haha

what do u think hate or no hate every thing you send makes me a better writer thax!!! love ya BIA!!

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