Bad News, Heartbreaks & New Relationships

Reads to find out!!!


3. So many questions

.Harry POV

I am determined to get Anna back bc shell b gone before i even try to tak to her. I always new that the boys had a crush on her and that they all wanted her the first day they met her at school. but i called dibs. But i have no idea where she was and i just needed to let her cool down so i called boo bear to see if he wanted to hang out. (L- Louis H- Harry)

L- hello

H- hey bo wanna hang out

L- Yea were all at Lis house

H-ok b there soon

Liams House was just a few blocks away so i got in my car and drove there when i got there Anna was siting on the couch next to Liam. Y was she here! Why did Liam Have An Arm around her And why was she wearing his shirt i had so manyquestions. But one thing i did no is that i wanted to pumble Liam!!


Srry its Short il make it up to u!! Love YA BIA!!

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