Bad News, Heartbreaks & New Relationships

Reads to find out!!!


1. Chapter 1

Anna POV

Hey im Anna I am 18 and i have brwn hair and peircing green eyes and just got home. i live with my Boyfriend harry. I unlocked the door i had just got home from a long day out with the girls that harry insisted i had and went up to our room to put my bags in there and found harry makingout with the nextdoor nieghbor "Harry what the hell are you doing with HER IM YOUR GF NOT HER!!" i felt the tears burn in my eyes and couldnt handle it anymore i ran. ran from everything. I had no idea where i was going until i remember Liam lived 1...2...3 houses down from the park. I Knocked on the door the outside light flicked on and there stood liam shirtless. He had a worried look on his face and offerd me in we sat at the kitchen table drinking tea and told him everything i could

Liams POV

When saw her cry it broke my heart and She told me what happened i told her she could stay here as long as she wanted and Damn she was beautiful the way she starred at you with those peircing green eyes and her li.... "Liam?" thoughts interrupted "yes love?" "Can i sleep with you i dont think i can bear being alone tonight?" she asked "ofcourse love" and with that we headed up to my room to watch a movie.

Harry POV

I Broke the love of my lifes heart and she will never forgive me. i didnt even mean to start makingout with Amy or any of it its just that anna likes to take things slower than what im used to. WHY? WHY? harry why didnt you run after her?

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