McKenna Dorff was in College and flyiing back to the UK for Christmas. She was only scared of one thing. Harry Styles. Harry had bulied Mac since the first day of Kindergarden. From being called loser to fat was all Harry's fault. One time Mac tried to even commit suicide because of Harry. But when she bumps into him on the streets of her and his old town, Harry has changed. And has a little surprise for McKenna.


1. my childhood bully

I woke up as the plane landed. I slept 6 hours! I knew my hair was a mess so I pulled out my Hollister beanie and unboarded the plane. I wobbled looking sick. Then I rented a car and drove to my parent's house.
Knock, knock, knock.
"McKenna!" My little sister, Kiley, jumped on me. "Mum and dad! Mac's here!" She yells. My parents come barging in the entryway drowning me with hugs and kisses.
"Oh Mac its so nice to see you huney!" My dad says unlocking his bear hugs.
"I brought some presents to put under the tree!" I squeel taking Kiley's hand and running to my rental car. But out of the corner of my eye, I see a shadow staring at me. I turn back and see curly locks.
I started unpacking faster and faster. Shoving boxes and bags at Kiley. Then I lock my car and run inside. Harry disapeared. He is gone. It was just my imagination.

Inside my mother gets a call from Anne. Harry's mum, our neighbor. OUR NEIGHBOR! I completely forgot.
"Hello Anne!" My mother squeels over the phone. "We would be delighted to have dinner at your house tonight! With McKenna and Harry back!" My heart sank. That was Harry. He was nextdoor.
"Girls, go get ready! We are going over to the Styles' house to have a nice Thanksgiving dinner!" My mum sang running upstairs. Me and Kiley trailed after.
I brushed my hair with my old brush and inspected my old room. Blue. Clean. Perfect. Dusted. I was an organized freak in High School. I pulled on some skinny jeans and a light blue blouse I had packed. I had to admitt. I looked stunning! I grabbed my purse and iphone and went downstairs. My family was waiting for me.
"I'm just going to use the bathroom, I'll catch up." I say encouraging them to go without me. I locked the bathroom door and pull out my phone. I text my best friend Josie.
'Harry is home for Christmas too! What a shocker eh?' I write. I press send and leave the house.

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