McKenna Dorff was in College and flyiing back to the UK for Christmas. She was only scared of one thing. Harry Styles. Harry had bulied Mac since the first day of Kindergarden. From being called loser to fat was all Harry's fault. One time Mac tried to even commit suicide because of Harry. But when she bumps into him on the streets of her and his old town, Harry has changed. And has a little surprise for McKenna.


2. Harry!

I walked into their house expecting to be mobbed with hugs again. I got nothing. I noticed them laughing at the dinner table. And their was Harry. Shooting a glance at me. I walk over and sit down in the empty chair. Lucky for me. Right across from Harry! Yay... Anyway, we got started eating and suddenly Anne pours out with questions for me.
"What college do you go to?" "Do you have a boyfriend?" Do you have a dorm or flat?" I swallow my turkey and answer.
"I go to Minnesota University, No I dont have a boyfriend," I laugh a little their. "And I live in a flat."
Harry chuckles. I shoot him a death glare. Anne and my mum think me and Harry are best friends. So she encourages us to take a walk to the park. I freeze. Looking at Harry who is signaling me to follow him. I get up slowly and walk out the door with him.
"You still single Dorff?" He teases. I push Harry against the garage door.
"Shut up! You wanna know what your hurting words mean to me?" I scream. I pull up my sleeve and show him the deep cuts on my vains. I am sobbing now. I start running away.

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