One Direction

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  • Published: 30 Mar 2013
  • Updated: 15 Mar 2015
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4. Zayn Imagine For Susan Stiles

                             You were working late at Starbucks, it was only you there. You were about to close, but a young adult, with black hair, and brown eyes walked in. "Sir, we're closing." He paid no attention to you. "Sir, we're closing!" He looked at you, "I heard you the first time!" He smirked. You hated guys like this, they come in and act all bitchy towards you because you have the late shift. The man came to you and ordered his drink, "That will be $5.97, please." He looked at you, "I'm not paying this much for a drink!" You looked at him, "Listen, I want to go home as much as you do, so let's get this over with. Now pay!" He pulled out six ones, "Here, keep the change!" He walked out, and you closed up the shop.

                You were making your way towards your car, but he was standing in front of it, "Hey, I'm sorry about the way I acted in their, it's just that me and my girlfriend broke up, and I've been on tour." You looked at him confused, "Tour?" He looked at you, "Yeah, I'm in One Direction." You looked at him in excitement, "I'm a fan!" You guys started to chit-chat, "What's your name?" You brought your head up and looked at him, "Susan!" He looked at you, "I'm Zayn..Zayn Malik." He got kinda serious about your guys' conversation, "Maybe you and I could go on a date sometime?" You smiled, "Yeah, I'd like that!"

                Later, he offered to give you a ride home, you said yes even though your car was still at Starbucks. During the car ride to your house he pulled over and passionately kissed you, and locked his lips to yours. You slowly climbed over and sat on his lap. The kiss became more, he began to unbutton your shirt, but you refused. He drove on and when you guys arrived at your house he gave you another kiss.

                You walked inside,"Mom! I'm home." She came down stairs, "What took you so long?" You smiled and bit your lip, "I met a boy!"

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