One Direction

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  • Published: 30 Mar 2013
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10. Niall Imagine For *Swoosh*Swoosh*Swipe

                "Take off that make-up! You're beautiful without it!" Said a blue-eyed Irish boy. "Niall!" You yelled, "Anna!" You both started laughing. You guys laughed at pointless things, and that's what you guys loved in your relationship. "Take it off!" He demanded, "No!" You just smiled, he came up behind you and gave you a big hug, "You're beautiful, Anna!" He whispered. You smiled, "I love you!" You saw his cheeks turn red, "Right back at ya!" You smiled, "What did you do with my eye-liner?" He smiled, "Oh, that ugly stuff?" You smiled, "Yeah!" He unlocked his arms, and ran out of the bathroom, "Niall James Horan! Get back here right now!" You had a towel rapped around you body, which made it hard to run, "Catch me if you can!" You heard him yell. You raced down the stairs, and found him out in the backyard, "Niall!" He smiled, "Gotta come and get it!" You smiled," Uhm, No!" He laughed, "Fine!" He came inside and you the eye-liner, "You're so lucky I didn't come and get it!" He smiled.

                 A few minutes later you were done with your make-up and Niall was gone. Eleanor and Perrie were over at the house, and Danielle was coming soon.

P: We need to do something tonight!

E: How about we take Niall, Louis, Liam and Zayn out tonight.

A: What about Harry?

P: Oh...Forget him, he's going out tonight with Taylor...remember?!

E: Duh, Anna!

D: I'm here girls!

A: Hi Dani! We were just talking about taking the boys out tonight!

D: Oh! Sounds fun, but what about Harry?

P: He's going out with Taylor tonight!

D: Why don't we have her come too?!

E: Nobody likes her!

A: We should invite her...

P: Fine!

D: Were are we going out to eat?

P: Who knows!

                  You all were getting ready, and Dani had already called Taylor and Harry. You didn't really like Taylor, but you were thinking about Harry. Soon enough the boys were home and ready. It was about seven o'clock, and Harry and Taylor weren't there yet, "Why don't we just go!" Louis whined. "Because babe!" Said Eleanor, "Ugh!" Niall was throwing a fit too, "I'm leaving in five seconds." He said. All of you were tired of the whining, so you got into the car, and drive off.

                 "Finally! Food!" Louis raced inside. You and Niall walked inside, "Is that Harry and Taylor?" You guys sat down with them, "What are you doing here?" Niall yelled, "We've been waiting for you guys." Said Harry confused, "No! We were waiting for you!" Niall said. They argued until the food arrived. You guys talked about the boys' career, and Taylor had stories about her. Louis paid or everything, and Liam and Danielle were the first to leave. You and Niall got a taxi, and went home.

               "I had fun tonight!" Niall said, "No you didn't! You just liked the food!" You smiled and he did too. You walked upstairs and took off your make-up. After you got it off, you put on your pj's and hopped into bed. Niall did the same. "Anna?" He said, "Yes, Niall?" You said, "I love you, babe!" You smiled, "I love you too!"

*Author's Note*

Sorry it took SO long for me to publish this! I ran out of ideas, so sorry if it's bad! Sorry to all the Swifties!

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