One Direction

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  • Published: 30 Mar 2013
  • Updated: 15 Mar 2015
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6. Niall Imagine For Nisa_Syeda

                        "So, Nisa..." You looked at her, "What Eleanor?" She looked back at you and had her sun glasses down to the tip of her nose, "You know, Louis and I are going on a date, he though it would be fun to have a double date." You looked at her with suspicion,"El, you know I don't date, plus, I'm currently single." She looked back at you, "Nisa, you know that Niall really likes you, and he wants to go on a date, he's too shy to ask, so Lou and I told him, we'd convince you to go." You looked at her, "Okay, I guess, but if he blows it, I leave. Okay?" She gave you a big hug, "Yay! Thanks chicka!" The cold pool water, looked so tempting to jump in, "El, we came to the pool to swim, so why are we sitting by the edge?" She jumped in, smearing her mascara, "I'm in the water, you're the on sitting by the edge!" She went under and swam. You jumped in after her. She popped out of no where, "Okay, my make-up is smeared, "Well, duh, Eleanor, that's why you don't wear make-up to the pool!" She got climbed out and wiped off the make-up with her towel,"Nisa?" You looked at her, flinging your long brunette, hair, "What?" She smiled giving you a devious look, "Niall, texted you, you tried to swipe your phone from her hands, but she wouldn't let you have it, "He said: 'Hey Nisa, I was wondering if tonight ya would like to go on a date with me maybe?'" She looked at you, "I told you he liked you!" She started to laugh. "Can we go home, and get ready?" 

             Soon enough you were home, "I get to take a shower first!" she yelled, "There's two bathrooms idiot!" She started to laugh,"Ha-Ha, the other bathroom shower doesn't work, I mean you could get ass naked in the sink and try to shower!" She started to laugh more. You sat on the couch, and started to watched TV, when the doorbell rang, "Coming!" You realized you were still in your swimsuit, 'shit!'you mumbled to yourself, you opened the door anyways, it was Lou, "Hey Nisa! Where's Eleanor?" He looked at you puzzled, "She's in the shower." He gave you a devious look, "Oh! I'm taking one too!" He ran inside, being the humorous person he was, he opened the bathroom, "El! I'm coming to join you!" She screamed, "Louis! No! Get out!" She was laughing and screaming, "Are you done yet?" You yelled. "Yes!" She ran out of the bathroom and upstairs, with Lou chasing her. You hoped in the shower, and five minutes later you were done, "Eleanor? Louis?" You walked out of the bathroom, and she came out of the corner, you screamed and smacked her shoulder, "You scared me!" She started to laugh, "Where's Lou?" "Oh, he's with Niall, they're getting ready!" You walked up stairs and got dressing, you put on your make-up and curled your hair. "I'm ready El!"

            Louis and Niall, picked you guys up, Eleanor sat up front with Louis, while you and Niall rode in the back. He had his hand on your knee, which made you feel uncomfortable, "Love birds in the back!" said Eleanor, making her hands in the shape of a heart. "Shut up!" you flipped her off, "Well, sorry!" She started to giggle! When you guys arrived at the restaurant, you got seated right away. You guys chit-chatted and soon the night was over.

          "I had a great time with you Nisa!" Niall said softly, "So did I" you started to blush, he leaned in and kissed you, with his hands on your waist. This took you by shock but you enjoyed every single second of it, you put your arms around her neck, "Awh! Look at these two cuties!" Louis and Eleanor both said it at the same time, Niall was stilling kissing you and flipped them off. When you guys unlocked lips you got the car, the whole ride home you guys were kissing.

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