One Direction

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  • Published: 30 Mar 2013
  • Updated: 15 Mar 2015
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7. Niall Imagine for MzNuclear

                       "Nat!" Louis yelled, "What?!" you yelled back. "Could you hurry up! I'm running late!" Louis was a great brother to you, but when it came to his carrier, he could be a pain in the ass, "Okay!" you came running down the stairs, "I'm coming!" you heard Louis snatch the keys from the counter, and walk out the door, "Louis, wait!" you ran out the door, and slammed it shut, "Finally! You take forever to get ready!" you could tell he was pissed. "Shut up Lou!" You got into the car, "Now, you know the rules, while we're rehearsing, you stay out!" You just smiled, "Whatever!" He looked at you and smirked. "Natalie, I'm not kidding!" "I know Lou! I'm never in there while you guys are rehearsing! It doesn't bother anyone!" "It doesn't matter if the boys don't mind you being in there, I do!" You didn't say anything for the whole ride there.

              You arrived at the studio with boys standing outside complaining, "Lou, where have you been? We've been waiting for you!" Harry screeched, "Traffic!" Louis looked at you and smirked, "You guys go on in, I have to get something." You walked in with the boys, but Louis pulled you back, "Here's the keys, go shopping, or do something. I'll call you when we're done." You called Danielle and Eleanor to go shopping they turned you down, but Perrie didn't. You picked her up and went shopping.

N: So how are you and Zayn?

P: Good! How are you and-

N: Nobody! I have no boyfriend!

P: What?!

N: Yeah, I like Niall, but Lou won't let me date his friends.

P: Who cares what he thinks?

N: Me!  

          You were thinking about what Perrie said. She was right! Who cares what Lou thinks, you can make your own decisions. After you dropped Perrie off, you went home. It was around nine and Louis called:

L: You can come get me now!

N: I'd rather not!

L: Natalie! Come get me!

N: Lou, I'm tired. So I don't want to get you!

L: Real, funny Nat!

          You hung up, and about ten minutes later Louis came home as pissed as ever, "What the hell Nat?!" You just smiled, "Sorry!" You saw Niall come in, "Hi Niall!" You yelled, "Hey love!"

*Niall's P.O.V*

          She's beautiful, her blue eyes are what make her stand out! But, then again, I could never hurt Lou. He'd be pissed off if I ever went Natalie!

*Louis' P.O.V*

          I know they like each other it's obvious, but I'd beat the living shit out of Niall, if he even touched Nat! I don't want her to get hurt! Even though Niall would never hurt a girl...Still I don't care!

*Back to the Imagine*

         Look at him! He's God! I don't even know! He makes you speechless! "Nat! You could've picked me up!" You just looked at him, "I know Louis! God dammit! Could you possibly quit treating me like I'm your god damn daughter? Because I'm not your child, I'm your sister! For Christ's sake, I'm old enough to handle myself! If you wanted a ride home, you could've let me stay with you and we could've rode home together! Oh, but no! You have to have it your way! Dammit Lou!" Niall and Louis stood there with their mouths wide open, Niall just looked at you, "Well that escalated quickly!" he smiled, trying to lighten up the mood, it made you smile, and the tears streaming down your face stopped. "Well then!" Louis ran up stairs and you and Niall both heard his door slam shut, "You can stay with me if ya want to Nat? Only if you want to?!" You smiled, "Okay!"

*Niall's P.O.V*

       She said yes! But what will Louis think? It's too late now...I can't just tell her that she can't would be rude of me!

*Back to the Imagine*

        "I'll get my bags, and write Lou a note." Niall just stood their and nodded. You ran up stairs and got everything you needed. You walked down stairs and ripped out a sheet of paper.

  Dear Louis,

          I'll be staying at Niall's house tonight, and don't think we'll be doing anything! I wouldn't do that to you, and neither would he! I can't take you always treating me like this! It's irritating! I don't know when I'll be back! Don't come for me either!



            "Okay! I'm ready!" you yelled to Niall, "Okay!" He yelled back. You walked down the hallway and saw him standing by the door. You guys walked outside, "Are you sure you want to do this Nat?" He gave you look like he was unsure, "Yes Niall!" He just looked at you and smiled. On the car ride there you guys talked, and then soon enough you arrived at his house. He opened the door for you,"Thanks!" You smiled, and so did he. you walked inside his house, "What room do I get?" He smiled, "About that..." You smiled, "Okay, where do you want me to sleep?" He smiled and pointed to himself, "Your room?" He smiled and nodded, "Okay!" You ran up stairs with him behind you, he got in front of you and opened his bedroom door, and set your stuff down. He put his arms around your waist and you instantly turned around "Ni-...." He kiss you passionately on the lips, and you slowly raised your arms over his neck, and rested him on his shoulders. He picked you up and laid you flat on the bed, "Niall, no! I can't do this to Lou!" He stopped himself, "Neither can I" You looked at each other, and kissed again, but you let him do you.

             About five hours later you were asleep in his arms, with a sheet around your body, you got up with the sheet around your body, "What are you doing babe?" He looked at you half awake, you stared at him and climbed back into bed. He hugged you and you felt his muscles around your breasts, "Niall, I told Lou we wouldn't!" He smiled, "Well, it's too late know! You kissed him, and sat above him, with the sheet still on you, it was around seven, and you got out of bed and took a shower, when you got out Niall was dressed, "I think I should take you back..." You looked worried, "Why?" He looked at you, "Lou's worried, he called me. Natalie, he was crying." You became teary eyed, "Okay, let's go!"

          A couple minutes later, you arrived at home, "Niall?" He looked into your ocean blue eyes, "Yes?" "I love you! Never forget that!" "I love you too!" You both looked at each other and smiled, he kissed you, and it felt like forever. You got out of the car and walked inside, "Lou?" You saw him sitting in the living room with a bottle of whiskey in his hand, he looked terrible "Lou!" You ran to his side and started crying, "Oh..Lou!" He looked at you, "Nat! I'm sorry!" You two hugged each other, "It's okay!"

          After everything that happened was over, you and Niall ended up dating, and Louis was fine with it.


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