One Direction

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  • Published: 30 Mar 2013
  • Updated: 15 Mar 2015
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18. Louis Imagine For One-Power_ME-Nikki

  You needed someone in your life who would stay. Who would be there. Who would love you. Someone who would cheer you up when you were sad. Someone who make you laugh, through all tears you've cried. Someone who would hold you. Someone who would fight for you.

 You walked through the streets of London. Alone. The streets were empty, and that's exactly how you felt.It was pouring down rain, and people were running to shelter. You didn't mind the rain. You watched all the shops close, and people running across the street. You felt so empty inside.

  He wanted someone in his life who would stay. Who would be there. Who would love him. Someone who would cheer him up when he was sad. Someone who would make him laugh, through everything that was going wrong. Someone to hold him. Someone to kiss.

 You kept walking, and you stood there looked up and closed your eyes. You fell to the ground, getting you soaked. "Hey! Watch it!" You shouted. The tall man helped you up, "Oh! I'm so sorry!" He said helping you up. You looked into his eyes. He was the one. "I-I-It''s..uhm..o-okay." He smiled, "Let me get you some dry clothes. You guys walked on the side walk, where it wasn't raining. You guys arrived at his house, "Come on in." He said as he walked up stairs. You stood by the door. He came down with sweats, a shirt, and a hair-tie. "T-Thanks!" You said. You walked into the bathroom and changed. You're shoes were soaked, along with your socks. You walked out, "Thanks for everything!" You said giving him a hug. "I'm Louis, by the way." You said, "And I'm Nikki" He hugged you. You walked out the door, and felt someone grab you, "You aren't walking..." He said. You guys ran to the car.

   "I like you Nikki" He said, "You barely kno-" He kissed you passionately on the lips. You moved over to his seat and sat on his lap. You guys kissed over and over again. He unbuttoned your shirt, and you unzipped his jacket. His hands ran through your long hair. You stopped and looked into his eyes. "I love you Nikki" he said. You guys moved to the back seat. He turned on the radio.

   All you wanted was a guy who would be there. Who would love you. Hold you. Cheer you up, when you were sad. Make you laugh, through the tears you cried. Make you feel like a woman. Make you feel special. And that's what you got, in one day...

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