One Direction

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  • Published: 30 Mar 2013
  • Updated: 15 Mar 2015
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11. Louis Imagine For MzNuclear

                      "Hi, can we get you anything?" Said the young girl behind the counter, "Yeah, uhm, can I get a cappuccino?" You said. "Yeah!" She went back and made your cappuccino, you sat down at a table near the counter. The woman sat the cappuccino on the counter, "One cappuccino!" You went up and got it. She handed you a straw, but you dropped it on the ground. As you got up, you bumped into a young man, his coffee split all over his shirt. "Oh! Gosh! I'm so sorry! Sorry!" You felt super bad. "Ah! It's fine! It's okay!" He just smiled. "Let me help clean you up." You went into the bathroom, and got some wet paper towels, "I'm so, sorry!" You said as you were cleaning him up, "Really, it's no big deal!" He just smiled. "What's you name?" He said, "I'm Natalie, but I prefer Nat." You smiled. "I'm Louis." You guys just smiled, "Let me buy you a new shirt." You said. "No! Let me just run home and grab one!" He said. "Okay!" You walked outside, and it was pouring down rain. "Nat! Do you need a ride?" He yelled, "No! I'll walk!" You shouted back. "No! Get in! It's the least I could do!" You ran over to his car, "You don't have too!" He just smiled, "Yes! Yes I do!"

            He pulled up into his driveway, "I'll be quick!" He said, "Okay!" You said back. "You can come in." Louis said that like he wanted you too. "It's fine!" It took him less than five minutes and he was back into the car. "It was kinda useless to get me a new shirt, because the rain got my shirt wet again." You started to laugh, "Well you can go in and change again!" He just smiled and drove off. "So, give me the directions and I'll drop you off!" You told him where to go, "Do you live alone?" He said, "Yeah!" He smiled and gave you a devious look.

            Soon enough you were home, "Thanks for the ride!" You slammed the door shut and walked into your apartment. You closed the door behind you, and leaned up against the door, and slowly slide down and found yourself sitting on the floor. You were in love. You got up, and changed into your pajamas. It was only five o'clock, but you were going to relax and watch movies. You got all comfy, and put a blanket over you. You heard a knock at the door, "Coming!" You raced to the door, "Louis?" He smiled and gave you a hug, "I love you!" You were kinda confused, because you guys just met, but you went along. "W-, I love you too!" He came in, and you your drink tat you left in the car, "Here!" You guys walked over the couch and watched movies for the rest of the night. Louis never left your apartment until the next day.

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