One Direction

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  • Published: 30 Mar 2013
  • Updated: 15 Mar 2015
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26. Louis Imagine for Closter2

          You stepped into the large apartment, laughing as Louis made jokes repeatedly. You both hung up your coats and walked into the living room. "This is beautiful." You said breathlessly. "Not as beautiful as you he smiled. You playfully punched him in the arm and smiled.

          He showed you the rest of the house and stopped in the bedroom. He closed the door. "I really liked your living room you." You smiled pushing out of the way. "I just love my bedroom, don't you?" He smiled, "Living room." You blushed opening up the door. You ran out the door and he chased you. He tackled you in the living room floor. You were both laughing and then Louis kissed you.

         "Cherry?" He smiled, he licked his lips, "Maybe grape? Let me determine this flavor." He went in for another kiss, you put your hands to his lips. "We haven't been dating very long." You smiled. "Four months isn't that long to you?" He said getting off. You jumped on his back. "Yee-haw!" You shouted. He ran you around the living room about four times, "Four months is long, but not that long." You said hopping off.

        "Chloe, I'm hungry." He smiled. "I could eat." You smiled back. You both walked into the kitchen, "Do you know how to cook, because I don't." He smiled. You got out a bag of flour, and dumped it onto his head, "I think that is what you do with that, if you want it sweeter you do this." You got out sugar and dumped it on him. He started laughing. He took out tomato paste and dumped it onto your chest, "You needed some color." He laughed.

        You both stopped after you had cleared the cabinets. "I love you Chloe." He smiled. "I love you too Louis." You giggled. He kissed you, "Tomato?" You both giggled.

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