One Direction

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  • Published: 30 Mar 2013
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20. Louis Imagine For BooBearGirl16

        "It's getting late..." You said to Louis, "Yeah, I better get you home." You guys walked to the car. "Madi, you know I love you right?" You nodded your head, "Yeah. Of course I do." You guys had gotten into a huge argument. Louis was trying to make it all better, and you were calming down. You were jumping to conclusions, thinking that Louis was cheating on you, and he thought you were doing the same. "Madi, you know I'd never cheat on you right?" He asked, "Well, that I don't really know. You and that girl seem to be hittin' it up..." You said with attitude. "Madi! I'm sick of it! I'd never cheat on you! This is bullshit! Why do you think that?" He said. You got in the car. You didn't speak to him the whole ride home. "Love you Madi." He said as you exited the car. "I guess you do." You said to him. You unlocked the door to your flat. "Where were you?" Asked your roommate Kelly. "I was out. With Louis." She winked. "It isn't going so well for us." Tears slid down your face. "I screwed up. Kelly." She gave you a hug. "He will forget about it.

           You walked upstairs to your bedroom and laid down. You started to bawl. You phone went off, Louis was calling you.
You: Hello?
Louis: Hey Madi...

You: Look Lou. I'm sorry. I know you'd never cheat on me. I love you!
Louis: I don't think this will work out...
You: No, Lou please
Louis: Sorry...

           He hung up. That was the end of it. "Hey, Madi..You okay in there?" Kelly asked. She opened the door to find your pillow wet with tears and mascara smudges. "Yea I'm fine..." You said. "Did he?" She asked and you started to cry harder. "Let me see your phone."

To: BooBear <3
      Louis, Madi is falling apart without you. I know that it's been twenty minutes, but she does need you in her life. After all, you did help her out. If you wouldn't of helped her she'd still be that girl you found almost dead on the streets. You took her in and loved her. She thought that you were growing out of her. She loves you to death. She can't do this without you. Just please swing by and you guys can talk about it. Please Lou!
                                                                                      -Kelly! -_-

          "Here!" You looked down at your phone, and saw what she sent him. "Thanks Kelly!" You gave her a hug. "Anything for my bestie!" Your phone went off, and you looked at Kelly, "It's him."
From: BooBear <3

         Listen Kelly, I love Madi to death too, but I can't handle this. We've been together for 6 years. I know how she feels, I felt the same way... I'll be there soon, but I'm staying very long!

           You guys walked downstairs and waited, and waited, and waited. You ended up falling asleep on Kelly's lap. You woke up in the morning with ten missed calls and thirteen messages from Lou.
From: BooBear <3
        I'm sorry Madi.

From: BooBear <3

        I love you

From: BooBear <3

        Truly, Madly, Deeply, I am foolishly completely falling, and somehow you caved all my walls in so baby say you'll keep me truly, madly, deeply, in love with you Madi.

        You instantly got teary eyed. You grabbed your keys and drove over to Louis' house. He was outside talking to Liam. You ran up to him and jumped in his arms, "I love you!" You both said at the same time. He kissed you and gave you a huge hug! "I'm so sorry Lou!" He kissed you again.

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