One Direction

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  • Published: 30 Mar 2013
  • Updated: 15 Mar 2015
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25. Harry Imangine for Emma_Bear

            You walked into your first period class, which happened to be freshman English a fairly  genetic (college) class. You walked in to class a little late, because it was your first week at the campus and you had no clue where to go. "I'll take it you're Emma?" asked the professor.  You nodded and he pointed to your seat. 

             You glanced over at your partner and glanced back again, but this time your eyes got wide. You looked at his brown curly hair, his adorable dimples, and the green emeralds embedded to his face, most people mistook them for eyes. You couldn't think of his name right away, but you knew who he was.

             You sat next to him and he smiled. "As I was saying, I have paired you with the opposite-sex. I  want you all to be very comfortable with you are sharing with thi-" He looked at me, "He's a rip-off." He whispered cutting off my attention from the professor. "Oh yeah, my names Harry." He smiled. "Emma." I nodded with a quick smile. "Come out with me for lunch?" He smiled. My heart felt like it had stopped and I knew for a fact my face was turning tomato red. "You could be an ax-murder." I giggled. "There's always that possibility!" He laughed out loud. "So will you?" He nudged my shoulder. "I guess." I smiled.


              "I really like you Emma." Harry said biting into his sand-which. "You just met me?" I smiled awkwardly. "When you walked into our first period class I had a sudden interest in you. I have never felt this way about a girl." His eyes sparkled. "I can't say I feel the same." You said out loud. You couldn't believe what you just said. "I didn't mean to say that." You said feeling really stupid. "I want to take you on just one date. Please Emma." He begged.

               You wrote down your number on the napkin and thanked him for lunch. "Call me later and we will talk. You got up and made your way to the door and glanced back, he mouthed, "You're perfect."


Sorry if its not GOOD, My mind was blurry during this one, but I will remake this if you don't like it. Thank you!

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