One Direction

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  • Published: 30 Mar 2013
  • Updated: 15 Mar 2015
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9. Harry Imagine For *Swoosh*Swoosh*Swipe

             You and Harry had been together for about three years. He got done with TMH tour, and you were busy modeling. You guys had no time at all for children. Plus, if you got any fatter, you wouldn't be a model. You and Eleanor met in the modeling business, and that's how you met Harry...


 E: "Anna, c'mon! You really need to meet him!" Eleanor was making a big fuss about you being single.

 A: "For your information Eleanor, I have no time for a boyfriend! My carrier gets in the way!"

 E: "C'mon!" He really liked you!"

 A: "How the hell does he know who I am?"

 E: "I showed him pictures... and Louis knows him!"

 A:"Woe! Woe! Woe! Pictures?"

 E: "Modeling! Modeling pictures!" She just smiled.

 A: "Fine! One date! Only one! if he screws up... then it's...No more dates for us!


          "Anne! C'mon, the Grammies start in thirty minutes, and it take us twenty to get there!" You came down stairs in your elegant dark purple dress, with diamonds running down the sides, and going across the middle, "Wow!" Harry gasped, "Y-Y-You looked AMAZING!" You smiled and so did he, "Thanks babe!" He smiled, and you guys hurried out into the car. As you were driving to the Grammies you guys talked.

H: When are you going to quit so we can have a family?

A: Harry! You know I'm never going to quit!

H: Never say never!

A: I know Harry!

H: Anne, I want a family, and I can't live with someone who doesn't want one!

A: Two more years Harry!

H: Two?! Two!? That's long babe!

A: While I'm young!

H: Babe! Your twenty -two!

A: Fine! One year!

H: Thanks!

        You guys stopped the car, and walked out "Harry!" He turned around and smiled, "Yeah?" You smiled, "Good luck!" You guys held hands and walked in, paparazzi was everywhere, so where fans, and the crowds of people yelling, while everyone was getting pictures. You guys were walking down the carpet. While Harry got interviewed, or asked questions, you'd just stand there.


E: C'mon! we're running late!

A: Okay!

You ran down the stairs, out the door, and into the car.

E: Your gonna lik-


I: Anne? How's it like dating Harry? Is this for publicity?

A: Actually...No! I'm not going to date someone that I wouldn't like just for money. Those people that want relationships should get a 'real' relationship. They should actually love them. I met Harry, because of my friend Eleanor Calder. I feel in love with him instantly!

I: Harry? What about you?

They kept talking, and you were trying to remember! Dammit!

You guys moved on inside and got your seats. Time flew by, and soon enough you guys were out. You walked to the car and drove home.

H: You okay?

A: Yeah!

H: No your not!

A: Your right! I'm not

H: What is it?

A: Is our 'relationship' just for publicity?

H:No! Of course not!

A: You're lying! I can tell!

H: Okay! It's not for publicity!

A: What the hell? Your supposed to lie!

H: I'd never do that to you!

Twenty minutes later you were home, and it was around two in the morning. You got undressed and put your pjs on. You let your hair down and brushed your teeth. You walked into the bedroom and climbed into bed. Harry came in and jumped in the bed, "Hey!" He was on top of you and his arms were by your sides. "Harry! Is that a microphone or are you just happy to see me? " He smiled, "Happy to see you!" You smiled, "Okay!" You flipped on your side, and Harry got on his side too. He put his arms around your waist, and came in close, "Goodnight Harry!" "Goodnight Anne! I love you!" You smiled, "I love you too!"



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