One Direction

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  • Published: 30 Mar 2013
  • Updated: 15 Mar 2015
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8. Harry Imagine For Mary Renee Baker

                                  It's been awhile since you last saw Harry alive, the only thing you remember about him was his smile, and his curly hair. Everyday seemed like you were losing bits and bits of your life. Harry gave you the meaning to live. He took you in and cared for you when you needed it, but now he can't. Every night you'd cry yourself to sleep, because the spot he used to sleep, was now empty. You didn't really get out much after his death, you just wanted to be left alone. Liam called you every so often, and Louis came to visit you.


                 "Mary?" He called your name and it filled your soul, "What Harry?" You smiled at the ground. He came running in pouncing on to you, "Owie!" You screeched, "Sorry babe!" He frowned, and you smiled, "What did you need?" He looked at you and gave you a devious look, "I love you baby!" He started to tickle you, "Harry! Hah- Harry! Hah-  Harry...Stop..Stop it!" He gave in, "I love you too, Harry! Forever and always!" He leaned in and gave you a kiss.

*Back to Imagine*

                 Tears were streaming down your face, but then your phone started to ring, it was a call from Liam.

M: *Sniffles* Hello?

L: Hey,'s it going?

M: *Sniffles* It's going great! I couldn't be better.

L: Do you want us to come down?

M: *Sniffles and Giggles* Yeah...sure...

L: Are you sure your okay?

M: I miss him, *sniffles* I want him to come back, why did he leave me?

L: Mary, you know he had no intent to leave you! He wanted to be with forever. He got sick and didn't heal. We tried everything! Everything *Starts crying*

M: I know *Bawls*

L: We're on our way

                   You got yourself cleaned up and waited for them.


            You saw him lying there in bed, he was pale and cold, "Harry?" You walked over to him, "Harry!" You shouted, "Harry!" You yelled even louder, you started to shake him, "Harry! Baby, please wake up! Please!" Tears were falling down your face like a waterfall.  "Harry! Please!" Your voice was fading and you couldn't speak, everything happened too fast, what happened to 'Forever and Always'?

          The boys were down stairs, "Liam! Help! Please!" You heard him running up the stairs, "Mary are yo-" Your mascara was smeared from the tears, "He won't wake up! Wake him up Liam! Wake him up!" You were still shaking his cold lifeless body, "Please Liam, help him!" Liam sat down beside you while the boys rushed up stairs, "Is everything oka-" Black smudges marked your face, and went along with the tears, "Niall! Wake him up! C'mon wake him up please!" He looked at you, and starting bawling, "Love, there isn't anything I can do!" He came in and hugged you, "Zayn? Louis? Help! wake him up!" They all started crying, "Mary, c'mon... let's go down stairs." You looked at him, "No! I told Harry I'd be there for him, Forever and Always! I'm here now! So why isn't he waking up! Why isn't here with me? Why? Bring him back! Wake him up! He's sleeping! So wake him up!" They all looked at you, "Guys! Help him! He's your best friend! Please!" Tears were streaming down your face, "Mary, honey, the ambulance are on their way." Liam told you that crying, "No! I want him here! I want him to stay with me! He's not going anywhere!" They boys just stood there crying. You sat on Harry and kissed him, "Wake up baby!" You kissed him again, "Please Harry!" You kissed him again, "P-P-P-Please!" Your voice faded and you laid above him, and kissed his chest, "Forever and always baby, forever and always!" His chest was wet from your tears. The ambulance came "Ma'am we need to take him!" You looked at them, "No! He's mine! He's staying with me! All you need to do is wake him up!" Liam and Niall pried you off of the cold, lifeless body, you screamed, "No! Take me back!" They held you down, you tried to fight back, "No! Harry! No! Bring him back! I want him! I need him! No!" They put a body bag around Harry, "No! Wake him up! No!"

*End of Flashback*

               You heard the doorbell ring, "Come in!" In came Liam, Niall, Louis and Zayn. "Hey guys." You started to cry, "Hey, don't cry." said Zayn. "Usually, there's five men walking into my house, I guess I'm not used to it yet." Liam hugged you, "You aren't the only one!" Louis and Niall went upstairs, "Stay down here!" They know you kept everything the way Harry had it, his clothes were in piles, and the rest were in the dresser drawer. "Sorry." They only came over if they needed something, so obviously they needed something, "What do you guys need?" Liam looked at you, "We're taking you out on a date tonight, Eleanor, Perrie, and Danielle are coming too." You looked at him, "Where are you taking me?" He looked at you and smiled, "The mall." What's so good about the mall, "When?" He smiled even bigged, "Now!" They picked you up and drove you to the mall, El, Dani, and Perrie were already there, "Guys take me home!" They looked at you, "No!" "Yes! Take me home!" They'd try to take you out, but you hated it, "Mary, c'mon!" Niall begged, "Shut the fuck up! All of you! It's been three damn months since Harry's death! I'm not used to this!" They all turned around, and I heard Niall crying.

             A couple months later, you got ill and the boys came to comfort you. Liam came up stairs and saw you lying down, you were cold and pale. "Mary?" He came closer, "Mary!" He came even closer, "Mary!" He started to shake you, "Mary, honey please wake up!" you wouldn't budge. "Mary! Wake up!" He screamed, "Niall! Help!" All the boys came running up stairs, "Guys! Guys! Guys wake up! Please wake her up!" Niall looked at him, "Liam, we were in this same situation three months ago, and it's happening again, just let her go!" They called the ambulance, and they arrived no later than five minutes. They all watched them put your cold lifeless body into the black bag.

                         You couldn't really see Harry, because the light was blocking his face, but you could his body figure, you walked closer, "Harry!" you jumped into his arms, "I've been waiting for you!" he carried you off, into the light.

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