One Direction

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  • Published: 30 Mar 2013
  • Updated: 15 Mar 2015
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16. Harry Imagine For FireFlame

      You stood out in the rain sobbing. How could Drake just leave you there? He dumped you in the car ride to see a movie, but then he just left you there, at eleven thirty at night, in the middle of a thunderstorm. Your phone was dead, and you were miles away from home. You slumped to the ground and let out loud sobs. You couldn't feel your hands, and your legs were freezing. You were having trouble breathing, and on top of that you wouldn't be able to walk anywhere because your body was frozen. You sat on the side of the gravel road waiting for a car to come. You eyes slammed shut, and you were surrounded by a bright yellowing light.

       Soft hands gripped your side, and you opened your eyes, "W-Where am I?" You asked the curly haired boy, "I found you on the side of the road. You were barely breathing..." He said looking deeply into your chocolate brown eyes. "Thank you." You said smiling to him. He smiled showing off his deep dimples. "So...exactly why were you out there in a thunderstorm?" He asked you dumbly, "Well, long story short, my boyfriend dumped me and forced me out of the car..." You said ashamed. "I'm Harry by the way..." He said entering a different subject. "And, I'm Samiha." You said smiling.

      A couple hours later you found yourself pulled over on the same road, in his lap with your lips locked. His hands were running up your sides. You pulled away, "W-We should go.." He smiled. "I guess we should..." You looked at the time, it was twelve thirty! You got back in your seat, and you guys sat silently until you guys got back into town.

     Twenty minutes later you were home. "Hey Samiha?" He hollered, "Shh!" He gulped, "Oops! Sorry!" You smiled, "What did you want?" You asked, "I like you, and uhm..Do you want to go on a date sometime? Maybe? I don't know..." You smiled at his cockiness, "Yes Harry, I would love too!" He kissed you passionately on the lips. You waved good-bye and walked inside your house. You slumped to the floor and whispered to yourself, "I'm in love..."

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