One Direction

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  • Published: 30 Mar 2013
  • Updated: 15 Mar 2015
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19. Harry Imagine For Extraordinary

       "Babe!" Harry whispered in your ear. "Hmm?" You said in a tired voice. His hands went around your waist, "Wake up Em." He said to you softly. "No!" You threw the pillow over your head. Harry climbed on you and started to tickle you. "Ahh! H-H-Harry stop!" You tried to say. Harry was in his boxers and you were in a T-shirt and panties. He picked you up wedding-style, and slowly set you on the ground, "Nice pink panties!" He yelled. You stood up and ran after him.

       "Na-Na-Boo-Boo! I love yew!" He said as you chased him. He stopped. You kept kept running, you jumped and he caught you and gave you a big kiss. "Cherry?" You asked him. "Cherry Chapstick!" he said smiling, "Tastes' good." You said. "Well then you want more!" He laid you on the couch, and toppled on you. Your lips were intertwined and his handswere running through your hair. "Harry!" You moaned. You sat up, and toppled on top of him. He moaned and you laughed. He unbuttoned your top and you stopped him. "Desert is for dinner!" You said to him. "Why can't it be fore breakfast." he picked you up and rushed you upstairs. "Harry!" He lid you on the bed and stripped you. He started to kiss you and your nude body. You let out a moan. "Oh! Harry!"

       "Babe!" Harry whispered in your ear. "Hmm?" You said in a sexy voice. His hands went around your waist, "Wake up my beautiful Em." He said to you softly. You wrapped the sheets around your naked body. He kissed you. "Cherry?" You asked. "Cherry Chapstick!" he said smiling and giving you a big kiss. "Yummy!"


Author's Note:
          Hi! I'm sorry that I'm three weeks late babe! I apologize for the inconvenience! I'm terribly sorry! But, I got it done! Sorry if it's terrible! If it is, tell me and give me an idea. I will rewrite it if you want! And sorry it is so short! Sorry that I'm saying sorry a lot! Lol! Anyways! Thanks! xx :) xx :)

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