One Direction

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  • Published: 30 Mar 2013
  • Updated: 15 Mar 2015
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14. Harry Imagine Cece97LoveHarry

        Another evening of reading tweets and status about your relationship with Harry.

 'I find it disgusting that Cece and Harry are in a relationship! We loved him long before you, you dumb slut!'

'I get so irritated finding out my hugest celeb crush is dating a girl who doesn't even love him!'

'Harry and Cece dating? I think she's dreaming! He's probably using her, like he did with Taylor!'

'Cece, is interfering with Larry! She's going to break up the whole band!'

'Cece is hideous! She's so fucking ugly! How could Harry date her?'

'#DieCece! Let's kill this bitch!'

    Tears were falling down your face, "Why do they do this to me?" You asked yourself. Harry came into the room, "Hey babe!" He said, you wiped away the tears and sniffled, "Oh, hey babe!" You said back, "Cece? Are you okay?" He saw the laptop open and saw you reading the nasty things 'directioners' sent you, "Babe, why are you reading these?" You rose your shoulders, "I don't know?!" He slammed the laptop shut, and kissed you, "Everything will be okay, Cece!" He said giving you a hug. He walked out of the room, and opened the laptop, you saw more and more tweets, that teared you apart. You dialed Eleanor's number.

C: Eleanor?

E: Cece? What's wrong?

C: I've been reading this tweets about mine and Harry's relationship...Maybe they are right! I'm not good enough for him El, what if he's using me?

E: Cece, don't even think like that! He loves you with all his heart! Which is pretty big! Don't leave him, because of some so called 'directioners'!

C: *Giggling* Okay, but it's tearing me apart, and it hurts seeing them, and it's been two years!

E: I know honey. Do you want me to come over?

C: No...No it's fine!

E: Cece, promise me you won't leave him!

C: I promise!

E: Okay, bye girly!

C: Bye El!

      You went down stair and brought the laptop with you. Your eyes were red from crying. You down on the couch and wiped away some extra tears, "Are you still reading them?" Harry asked, "Yeah...Do you ever think they are right? They say I'm effing ugly, that your using me, and that...they want me do die! Are you using me? Do you think they are right?!" You started to cry, "Cece! I love you with all my heart! You aren't effing ugly, you're effing beautiful! I don't want you to die, because then I can't hold you in my arms, and look into your beautiful green eyes, and kiss your pink lips! Cece! I love you so god damn much, that you'll never know! You mean the world to me Cece! You are my world!" He sat down by you, and you rested your head on his shoulder, and started to cry even more! "Do you mean it?" You asked him, "Would I ever lie to you?!" He said back, "No!" He smiled and gave you a kiss, "Cece, I love you! Don't listen to them." He got up and went into the kitchen, you stayed on the couch. You saw a new tweet, and it was from Harry.

 'Say what you want about me and Cece! You can hurt her, but I'll be there to comfort her so f*** off! You aren't fans! I love Cece with all my heart! If you loved me, you'd stop!'

     You started to smiled, and Harry came back and sat beside you, "Cece, I love you! No matter what!" He said, "I love you too Harry! No matter what!"

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