One Direction

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  • Published: 30 Mar 2013
  • Updated: 15 Mar 2015
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24. 5 in 1 (Imagines For Anyone)

                                                    Imagine 1 (Harry)

     "Flight 38 to New York. New York is now pre-boarding, please make your way to the gate. Flight 38 to New York. Flight 38. Please make your way to the gate." The flight attendant called out.  As tears filled your eyes, you ran up to Harry and wrapped your shaking arms around him.  He slowly wrapped his around your waist embracing your last moments. He slowly looked down, and gave you a kiss. You tried to fake a smile, but your lips quivered and tears streamed down your face.  "Don't cry beautiful!" He said giving you another kiss. "I don't want you to go!" You said crying, "I know, and I don't want to either, but I'll be back!" He said so promising. "Last call for first class passengers for Flight 38 to New York! Last call!" The flight attendant stated. "I'm going to miss you, (Y/N)" He said getting teary eyed.

      "I wish that damn woman would shut up!" He said trying to make you feel better. You giggled. "I haven't been a day without you, so how will I be able to go six months without you?" You asked him. "Just remember that I love you!" He said pulling away. He grabbed his suit case and walked off. Before he handed the flight attendant his boarding pass, you ran over to him and jumped into his arms. Your lips became intertwined. "I love you Harry!" You said dabbing his nose with your finger causing him to smile. "I love you too!" He said. "Don't forget me!" He said as he left your arms, "I won't!" You yelled, "Promise?" He said, "I promise!" He blew you a kiss, and you caught it with your hands, and held it to your heart, "I love you Harry Styles." You whispered to yourself.


                                                         Imagine 2 (Liam)

     Liam looked into your eyes. His hands were locked to your right hand, and your left was clutching the bed railing. "Push! Push! One more!" You heard the doctor yell, "I see the head!" One of the nurses yelled. You were screaming in pain. You had been in labor for more than 12 hours, and it was almost time for you to give up.

    Liam got teary eyed, and he was smiling. You laid back in relief. You looked around the room, to see family members, and doctors everywhere. "Ahh!" You shouted. "Push! Push! C'mon, (Y/N), one more!" The doctor shouted. You heard a faint cry. Liam was still holding on to your hand. His grip was tight, but yours was loose. Liam started to shake you, "Honey, wake up! Look at our daughter." Your mother gasped, "No! No! No!" She shouted. "Back up!" The doctor yelled. The nurse took everybody out into the waiting room.

    Your heart had stopped. You were no longer in pain. You weren't suffering. All of the pain was worth it. Before you closed your eyes, you looked at Liam as he was walking out of the room. You started breathing heavily. The doctor pulled out chest-paddles but they were no use. You were gone.

    The doctor walked into the waiting room, "She passed." Liam pushed him out of the way and ran to you. He held your cold hand and sang to you. He gave you a kiss, as tears streamed down his face.


                                                       Imagine 3 (Zayn)

      Zayn hadn't been talking through the whole night. And you were getting worried. He was just staring off into space. You turned towards him, "Babe...Are you okay? Is there something you aren't telling me?" You asked him. He was still staring off into space. You tapped on his shoulder, "Zayn?!" You said. He turned to you, "Hmm?" He asked, "Are you okay? Is there something you aren't telling me?" He looked away. "We need to talk, babe." You began to get teary eyed.

      You thought you weren't be a good girlfriend. You thought you did something wrong. You thought you screwed up, on a simple task. Your hands were shaking. Zayn stood up. "I love you so, so much! You are an amazing girl. You are more than I've ever wanted. (Y/N) what I'm trying to say is..." He got down on one knee, and smirked. "Will you marry me, (Y/M/N)?" He asked. You bit your lip, "Yes! Yes! I do! I mean..I-" He cut you off with a kiss. "I love you!" He said giving you no time to say it back.

      His hands slid down your waist, and your arms went around his neck. He laid you down on the blanket. He unlocked his lips from yours. "I love you too Zayn!" You looked down at your hand, to see the beautiful shining ring, on your finger. "A lot!" You said pulling him in for another kiss.


                                                 Imagine 4 (Niall)

      You looked at the picture of you and Niall that was sitting on your night stand. His side of the bed was neatly made, while your side had mascara smudges on the pillows, and kleenexes everywhere. It had been almost two months since he died. You hadn't left your apartment since then. Sometimes you would go into the closet and put on his clothes or smell them so you could remember his scent (even though you memorized). You plopped your body back onto the bed and cried endlessly.


    You picked up the phone, "Hello?" you paused. "Mrs. Horan?" The woman asked, "Yes?" Your body quivered. "Hi, this is Janet, from NYU Langone Medical Center," the woman paused, "We have Niall here, seems like he has been in a terrible accident." You dropped the phone, put your coat and shoes on and ran down to your car. When you arrived you could barely tell it was Niall laying down in the hospital bed. "Niall?" You grabbed his hand, and gave him a kiss. His heart-beat went up. Tears streamed down your face. "How are you baby?" He could barely turn his head. Even though it hurt him to open his eyes he forced them open. "Before I go, I want-" He paused, gasping for air, "I see my beauti-," He gasped, "My beautiful baby girl." You kissed him. "I love you Niall." You cried. "I love you too, (Y/N)."


   You woke up still holding his hand, the nurses where doing everything they could to revive him. The only sound you heard was the the machine and the long beeping sound. You could here over the intercom 'Code Blue'.


       You lifted your head up when you heard the doorbell ring. You ran to the door and opened it. A box laid outside the door. You picked it up and opened it. There was a voice-recording and a gift. You listened to the recording, "Happy Birthday Baby! I'm sorry that I missed it. I wish I could be there. It's damn hard touring and trying to have a relationship, but we did it. I love you (Y/N). Happy Birthday!" You cried and listened to the recording over and over again. You never opened the gift, because you had a great one in your hand.


                                                 Imagine 5 (Louis)

     You felt the anger build up in your body as you pushed Louis away. It was a regular fight, but for some reason this one felt so much worse. You hissed at him and kept pushing him away.

    "Look, baby I'm sorry okay?" Louis said with hurt in his voice.

    "I am tired of fighting Louis! We get in dumb fights all the time." You hissed. You were hurt, you wanted to enjoy the time he had off from his tour, but his fame got in the way.

    "Please, calm down." He said breaking the air between you guys.

    "No! Louis you don't understand what I go through! I see you on the tele., every week with a knew girl. Do I know who she is? No. Do I give a shit? No! I have to do everything on my own. I don't know what you are doing out there on the road. Cheating? Perhaps. I can't handle not knowing." You said with tears flowing down your cheeks. 

    "You mustn't know a thing about me thing (Y/N)!" Louis yelled, stepping closer to you.

    "Really? When was the last time you called me back- wait! Or even picked up the phone?! When was the last time you answer my Facetiming calls? Louis, you are the problem in this shitty relationship!"

    "A shitty relationship? That's what we will call it, ehh? Then lets end this 'shitty relationship' for good!" You felt Louis' warm breathe against your red face. Tears streamed down your face.

    "Maybe, we...should." You turned around and went for the door. You grabbed the keys dangling from the hook on the wall. You felt a hard grip around your wrist. You turned around.

    "Don't." You dropped the keys. "Louis let go!" You hissed. He pulled you in and kissed you.

    "You are the girl of my dre-" You cut him short.

    "Stop! Just stop." You sniffled. He let go of your wrist and you picked up the keys. You walked out the door and he followed. He ran infront of you and picked you up wedding-style. 

    "Don't go (Y/N)." He said kissing you. You knew if you pulled away or tried to escape you would fall.

    "This was my mess,"  He paused, "I love you and I shouldn't have said anything. I should've answered. I should've cared and tried." He said stroking you cheek.

   "No, it was my fault." You said crying.

   "I love you. I really do." He said as he put you down.

   "I know. I love you too. I really do." You said as he kissed you.





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