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  • Published: 30 Mar 2013
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23. 5 in 1 (Imagines For Anyone)

                                                    Imagine 1 (Harry)

   You woke looking into his green eyes. "Good morning, beautiful!" He gave you a quick peck. His arms went around your waist, "Well, good morning!" You yawned. He laughed. He got on top of you. "Harry! Get off! I have to leave for college!" You said trying to get him off. "No! I'll miss you!" He said, "You need to get down to the studio!" You said back. You tugged and tugged, but he started to tickle you. "Harry! Stop!" You giggled.

   You managed to escape. You grabbed your bag, and ran downstairs. You could here Harry behind you. Suddenly you were in the air, in Harry's arms. "You can't leave me!" He whispered in your ear. You giggled, and kissed him. "I love you!" You said. He kissed you and set you down. You had to stand on your tippy-toes to reach his lips, which caused him to laugh. "Shorty!" He said laughing. "Shut up and kiss me dammit!" He laughed and went in to kiss you. "I love you (Y/N)." "I love you too babe!"


                                                    Imagine 2 (Liam)

   You looked into the mirror, and your eyes got watery and started to swell. Who's that girl she sees in a beautiful white gown, he hair curled, and a sheer veil covering her face? You didn't want to ruin your make-up, so you stopped the tears from flowing down your face.

   You mother and best friend walked in, "Honey, you looked gorgeous! Liam is a lucky man!" You mother said. "(Y/N) you are beautiful!" You have never looked or felt beautiful, or that's what you thought. Hearing them say that, made you feel like you were truly the most beautiful girl in the whole world. You gave them big hugs. Your mom kissed you on the cheek. "I love you. I know your Dad is looking down on you right now." You gave your mom a kiss. Your sister walked into the room, "It's time!" You grabbed your bouquet, and walked out of the room.

   When they opened the doors, your mom grabbed your arm. You saw the man of your dreams standing their at the end. He will now always be there for you. Be beside you. Help you out forever. Hold his first child. Love you even more, and most of all grow old with you.

   When you reached him, the preacher started to say the vows, but Liam cut him off. "Babe, what are you doing?" You asked him. "Hi, everyone! Thanks for coming! I have something to say. (Y/N) I love you to pieces. I am  so very excited I get to be there for you every step of the way. You don't know how much I love you. How beautiful you are. I love you (Y/N)! You are the most perfect girl I've ever met! Crazy right?" He asked in disbelief. "I wanted you to know that, I love you, and that you are amazing." You got teary eyed. The preacher continued, and soon enough you were man and wife. You ran down the aisle with him, and at the end he kissed you. "You are mine now. Forever and always!" He said. You gave him a kiss, "I love you Liam!


                                                                Imagine 3 (Zayn)

    You opened up your laptop, and found more Tweets from 'Directioners'. Their words broke you, and made you feel like you were a nobody.

  (Y/N) Go kill yourself! You don't deserve Zayn!

  Who do you think you are? You slut! Go fuck yourself!

   Die bitch! Nobody likes you! Gain some wait you annorexic bitch!

    "Why are you still reading those?" He came up from behind. "I-I-I honestly don't k-know." Zayn felt horrible. He wanted all of this to stop. Recently you have stopped eating. Talking. You don't go out much either. Zayn was there the whole time. He stayed beside you. He just wanted all of this to stop.

   Hey guys! Zayn here! I wanted to tell you that, if you think messaging my girl will ruin what we have, it won't. She is a very special person, she doesn't care what you guys say. You can't break her. You aren't real fans if you keep doing this. I just wanted to tell you, fuck off!

                                                                                   -Zayn Malik

   He set the laptop down infront of you and walked out of the room. You read it, and felt so happy. You were really surprised that he did that. You jumped out of your chair and ran to him. You gave him a huge kiss, and hug. "I love you Zayn!" You said to him, "I love you too (Y/N)! Don't forget that!"


                                             Imagine 4 (Niall)

      You woke up Niall, looking in your eyes, "You're awake! Finally!" He said excited. You looked around, you were in the hospital, and you were hooked up to machines. "W-What happened?" You asked the love of your life, "Car accident" He said, "I was driving" He started to bite his nails, "I'm so sorry babe!" He came over and gave you a kiss, "It's fine, I still love you!" You giggled. Your head was aching, and it felt like it was going to explode. You grabbed your head, and Niall removed your arms, "Don't touch your head!" He told you why and you felt, you had a huge cut on the back of your head, "My head hurts." You said, when Niall got up to get the nurse you noticed his arm, it was broken, and he had cuts on his arm and face. "Oh Niall!" You cried. He came over, "I'm fine! I'm worried about you!" He gave you a kiss.

     You looked around the room, Niall was gone, and you were alone. A couple minutes later Niall and your mom came in. She was pissed at Niall, but concerned about you. "If someone was paying attention." She said giving you a hug, "It wasn't his fault mom!" You shouted, which caused your head to ache more, "He was here for me, and you weren't! Get!" You screamed again. Niall comforted you, and started to sing to you, "Like all those days and weeks and months I tried to steal a kiss. And all those sleepless nights and daydreams where I picture this, I'm just the underdog who finally got the girl. And I am not ashamed to tell it to the world." His voice was soothing and calm. You fell asleep in his arms. He gave you a kiss and laid next you. "I love you (Y/N)" He whispered in your ears.


                                                            Imagine 5 (Louis)

     You laid there next to him, silently. "Louis?" You asked him. You were lying under the stars, and silence. "Yeah?" You flipped over to look at him, "You love me right?" You said, "Yes! Why?" He flipped over to see you, "Because, then you wouldn't mind me doing this." You laid on top of him and kissed him. He laughed, "We do that all the time!" You giggled, "I know! I wanted to break the silence." You giggled. "Okay! You loved me right?" He asked you, "Yes! Why?" You asked, "Because, then you wouldn't mind me doing this." He laid on top of you and kissed you. His hands ran through your hair, and his lips pressed again yours. "I love you, my little carrot!" He said. You giggled, "I'm a carrot?!" You asked, "No, you're Jennifer!" He shouted, "No! Jimmy protested!" You shouted making him laugh, "You were watching video diaries?" He asked, "Psht! No!" He started to tickle you, "You know not to lie to me! This is what happens!" You laughed so hard you almost peed your pants, "Louis! Stop! Stop! O-okay! I was watching! I was watching video diaries! Stop!" He stopped and gave you a kiss, "That's what I thought my little carrot!" He said, "Shut up and kiss me!" Your lips became one. "I love you Louis!" You said, "I love you too (Y/N)!"



Author's Note:

Hey Guys! I hoped you liked my 5 in 1! I tried my best! I think my all time favorite was Liam's! Tell me what your favorite was! Thanks guys! xx ;) xx <3 Love ya! xx

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