I found you♡~Niall Horan fanfic.

Niall Horan;The most popular guy at the school & the player. Every guy wanted to be him, every girl wanted him. Star Gonzales was a champion figure skater,volleyball player, A's and B's student,but a complete rebel. She right away knew Nialls reputation right when she saw him. But what if Niall actually developed actual feelings for her. What if... Niall found 'The one' for him.


7. Stars POV☜

Me and Elenour where walking to class when this girl with silky blonde hair came up to us. She had a mini black skirt,yellow wedges and a yellow tanktop. "Stay away from Niall. "She said simply. I raised an eyebrow and said,"Why? It's my life bumblebee. Don't take control." Her mouth hung open while Elenour laughed. Bumblebee pushed her. Elenour pushed her,then boom. I beat her fake ass up c:. The security gaurd saw,and had to practically pull me off her. He sent Elenour and bumblebee to class and me to the principal. When I got there,they called my brother. Ahhh the life -.-. They sent me home,and as I went to my car, I felt a strong pair of hands around me. The scent of calogne and a small hint of body spray filled air around me. I turned around and looked up. The one and only Niall Horan. "Whats wrong?" I asked him. "You had me worried. You fought Tiffany because....?" He asked,wondering. "She got on my nerves. "I said. "Oh well. That's a risky move. She's gonna send all her slutts after you. I hate her. I just want you to know that whatever She tells you about me,it's not true. Except that I'm a good kisser,charming, cool,awesome, fun,and much more. "He winked. "Whatever. I have to get to my practice. "I said trying to wiggle out of his grasp. He effortlessly grabbed my waist and looked down at me." I just want you to be safe." He whispered. I smiled,and said,"I can handle it don't worry." He was leaning in,until someone yelled, " STAR THE PRINCIPAL SAID TO GO HOME! NIALL LEAVE OR STAY! " Agh the counselor. "Niall, go home fool. "I laughed. "I don't wanna walk. "He pouted. Aww, I Haveto admit,that He looked cute. "Well. I guess I can give you a ride." I smiled. "I would love that,but my parents would be pissed at me if they saw me skipping." Niall said. Then He grinned. "Can I go to your practice. Whatever you do." He put on his puppy dog eyes. I sighed and said," Sure, but you can't distract me while I'm skating." As we got in my car He raised an eyebrow and said, "Ice skating huh? Ima get to see you ina dress? " Smiled Niall. Niall is so cocky sometimes,I thought. As I started to drive, Niall plugged in his phone in his phone,and "Niggas in Paris " started blasting out the speakers. I laughed,"Oh my God your such a boy." He laughed along too. "Not really." When the song ended, 'Locked out of heaven ' By Bruno Mars. Niall sung along. Oh my God. He has....a TALENT. HE SINGS REALLLLLLYYYYY GOOD! "Niall you have the best voice ever..." I told him. He looked at me and smiled " I dedicate that song to you princess. "At a red light, I looked at him right in his oceanic blue eyes and told him "Niall. Dont. You can go toy around with another girl." He looked at me seriously and told me straight up," Star,you make me feel something no other girl has made me feel. I actually care about you. That's kinda the reason I'm in your car." He smiled. I looked in his eyes to see He wasn't lying. We where leaning in again,for a kiss,but then a car beeped at us. "OHHH MYYYY GOOOOOOSSSHH!"Niall yelled. I laughed "Oh geez calm down. " I said. "I just want to kiss you.."Mumbled Niall. I pretended not to hear him as we pulled up on my brothers and I drive way.

*Sorry for the short chapter guys ;c, ill try to make longer chapters *
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