I found you♡~Niall Horan fanfic.

Niall Horan;The most popular guy at the school & the player. Every guy wanted to be him, every girl wanted him. Star Gonzales was a champion figure skater,volleyball player, A's and B's student,but a complete rebel. She right away knew Nialls reputation right when she saw him. But what if Niall actually developed actual feelings for her. What if... Niall found 'The one' for him.


1. Stars POV☜

Star's POV
"STAR GONZALES GET YOUR LAZY ASS UP!" My brother,Jake screamed. "Coming." I said in a tired voice. Ughh how i hated getting up in the mornings. I just moved here to London from LA. My parents died when I was 12 and left me and my brother Jake alone. Jake was a young music producer so he raised me as if I was his own. I got up,slothful,and went over to my bathroom to wash my teeth and face and to take a shower.
-10 Minutes later-
I put on hollister skinny jeans,a white hollister hoody,and some white low top converse. Itmight be the first day of school, but I dont really focus much on looking perfect -.-. I dried my hair,then straightened it. I put mascara on and that was it. I went down stairs to eat breakfast with Jake. He looked at me smiling." Glad to see your not a slutt like some girls: )." He said smiling. I laughed,"Right?". I got a poptart and swooped up by white backpack with black stars on it. "I want you home by 11 PM." Said Jake. I roled my eyes. Im 17 but that dont mean he has to baby me. I got my car keys before exiting our house and left. I had a black 2013 bmw wich made me feel spoiled,but grateful. I got in,plugged my iPhone in and headed off.
-10Minutes later-
I parked my car in the school parking lot,and got out. When I went inside, I saw girl with skirts,heels and tanktops and boys just staring at them. I saw a blonde guy eyeing me. Just by looking at him, I knew what to excpect. Since he had 2 girls in each side of him and a dozen of guys talking to him. I could tell he was a popular guy. I went up to my locker and opened it. I looked at the blonde guy once more. He ditched his crew and the 2 blonde girls,and was heading my way. Oh shiiit.
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