I found you♡~Niall Horan fanfic.

Niall Horan;The most popular guy at the school & the player. Every guy wanted to be him, every girl wanted him. Star Gonzales was a champion figure skater,volleyball player, A's and B's student,but a complete rebel. She right away knew Nialls reputation right when she saw him. But what if Niall actually developed actual feelings for her. What if... Niall found 'The one' for him.


14. Sorry for the short v.v xx

⇨⇨NIALLS POV ⇦⇦ Well. Today was quite the night. Everything has been all over the place. I don't know what the fucks happening no more. The fact that 2 persons busted in Star's flat and almost kidnapped OR murdered her was completely unexpected. But hey thats life. Its... its like sex. Yeah. Life is like sex. You better be ready because theres gonna be ups and downs, pain & pleasures, happiness & ungratefulness. Point prooven. The lads & Star started watching the movie right away. I didnt. I was busy texting Alana. I know this was totally wrong and definitely uncalled for. But let me remind you. Im Niall Horan. The player. The good looking dude. Just because a new girl comes doesn't mean I can't try the others. A part of me felt guilty. I reminded myself that Star was my home coming date. NOT Alana. I turned back, expecting to see a peacefully asleep teenage girl. But no. I saw more than that. There was Harry. Star & Harry were all cuddled up. Harry whispered something into her ear. She just smiled and cuddled more into him. Harry looked proud of himself, smiling to him self. What the actual fuck. This is the type of s t that I can't take. I furiously stepped outside to calm down. I didn't know what to do. I was desperate for affection. Well, not desperate, but I wanted to feel wanted. This. This is what gives me headaches. But if I did have sex with Alana, Star wouldn't know. Im a master at hiding stuff from people. Stars smart, but not smart enough to out smart me.***next day *** All the boys were sound asleep. So was Star. I took this opportunity to escape. The sight of Star & Harry cuddled against eachother makes me a bit jelous. I dialed Alanas # as soon as I arrived in my driveway. "Hello? " Questioned a squeaky voice. "Alana how bout right now? I just now remembered I haveeeee aaaaa uh LUNCH! Lunch with the lads. "I lied. "*Sigh *Alright. Have it you're way Niall. Just remember, I have to be at my touturing session at 1 PM. We got 2 hours. "Alana said then hung up. I couldnt control myself. Once I got there, there was no stopping me. Sad thing is, Alana is Tiffany's bestfriend. But then again, Alana's a slutt & whore too. What matters? I felt REALLY guilty. Like a new weight has been added onto my chest. But Star wont find out. Atleast, thats what I thought. When I left Alanas house, my IPhone vibrated due to a Twitter mention. 'Had a great time Niall;) And Star, perhaps you shouldnt me too proud about you're 'homecoming ' date. Hed rather have a girl whod actually just give it to him already. @NiallOfficial @TheOriginalStar. ' What the hell! So much for her not finding out. Well she'd trust me over her anyways. All I haveto say is that she was lying. Simple. I didnt know what to do. I finally decided to drive over to Stars flat and explain. When I arrived, I knocked on the door. Seeing the hole was repared. Star opened the door. She looked angry yet sad. "Here."She said, handing me something. "I dont need it anymore. " Then she closed her door. I looked at what she handed me. A note. I opened it, and it read 'Dont talk to me. Ever again. Take Alana to homecoming. You've got a school full of fresh whores to choose from. Just dont ever talk to me OR touch me. Bie Niall. ' Then she slid a envelope under the door. I opened it. It was the 'NH ' necklace.
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