I found you♡~Niall Horan fanfic.

Niall Horan;The most popular guy at the school & the player. Every guy wanted to be him, every girl wanted him. Star Gonzales was a champion figure skater,volleyball player, A's and B's student,but a complete rebel. She right away knew Nialls reputation right when she saw him. But what if Niall actually developed actual feelings for her. What if... Niall found 'The one' for him.


8. Nialls POV⇜

Those lips though, I thought smiling. We pulled up to her drive way."Your flat is HUGE!" I exclaimed. She nodded,also opening the door at the same time. When we both entered her flat,it looked like something that was on a Home Decor magazine. "Who decorated? " I asked with awwwe. "Me. It was pretty hard,but I think I did good for starters." Star said proudly. I nodded rapidly. There was a 30 second silence until I said," This is the longest I've been at a girls house and not making out with them." I said grinning. She raised a eyebrow,saying," Them?" I looked around, flushed and embarrassed. "I..I mean..I was..jus- " I started to say nervously. She waved her hand as if to say shutUp. "Stay here. Ima go change. You can watch the telly while I'm changing." She handed me the remote. I flashed my charming grin, and grabbed her waist,whispering into her ear,"I don't mind if you change infront of me." She laughed,but shook her head rapidly. "Hell to my beautiful no. "Damnit. I sat down on the couch, waiting for her. I flipped through channels, until I came to a interesting commercial."Jake Gonzales,the now most success full teenager by music producing,is now living here on our very own London. We caught a glimpse of his sister,Star Gonzales. She's called the heartthrob by most boys here as we know. Any one would be lucky to have her." Smiled the entertainment reporter. What. The. Fuck. The heartthrob? Are you goddamn serious? I heard steps coming down as I saw a gorgeous girl coming down the steps,with a Adidas sports bag,and a waterbottle in her other hand,along with her keys. I whistled." Sexy in a dress. You wearing anything under that?" I smirked. She rolled her eyes and I soon then turned serious as I started explaining, " You were just on the news miss 'Heart throb '." I said. She giggled,pointing at me saying," You sound jealous." My eyes now wide open, I told her," Ahh no. I don't get jelous." THAT is a lie, I told myself. Star was amused now. Damnit. I looked at her. Up and down. She then turned opening the door me following her." You have a big bum. "I said. She turned to look at me." Stare much?" She glared at me. I laughed. I'm a guy that's what I do. I told myself. We once again got in the car and drove to the ice skating arena. -AT THE ICE SKATING RINK- When we got there, I saw no one on the ice. "No ones on the ice." I said outloud. "Weird. Usually it's crowded. "She shrugged, tying her white skates. She stepped on the ice,and gracefully started to skate around reaching for her feet,doing lunges,and all those stretches. I kept staring at her. There was something different about her. I know I kept telling my self that, but it's true. I sat down,starting to focus my attention by texting Liam. We were in a deep conversation about toast somehow, until I heard a deep voice." Hey there gorgeous." I looked at him seeing He was just a stick looking guy. With a really deep voice though. I laughed to myself. I kept on texting Liam, until I heard a girl scream, "Niall.. " with a choked voice now. I looked up to see Star in a head lock by the guy. "You don't need him.... ill give you all the pleasure you need. "Oh my God. I jumped over the rails and started to run towards the guy. I felt so heroic, until my dumbass slipped. Oh yeah, ice. I looked over at the guy and Star. He was now holding her tightly with one hand going up to her breasts. She started to whimper. That right there got to me somehow. I stood up quickly and punched the guy in the face hard enough to make him slide across the ice. Star had slipped out of his grasp,but not in a forceful move. I started towards the guy again. I punched him repeatedly, until I felt a fragile hand on my arm. "Please stop. He isnt worth your time. "The time I spent looking at her, the guy fled away. "Damnit Star! He got away! CAUSE OF YOUR DAMN FALT! "I shouted. She looked startled but then shouted at me back, "YOU COULD'VE KILLED HIM! ON THE ICE! WITH A THIRD DEGREE BURN AND PUNCHES TO DEATH! " "HE COULD'VE RAPED YOU DUMBASS! "I shot back and slapped her. I had rage in me,until I realized what I just did. I slapped her hard to the ground. I just shocked myself. She started to cry. No no nooo.. " OH god. Im... soo fucking sorry I don't know what came over me..." I sat on the ice next to her, trying to reach for her,but She pulled away. I reached out more force fully,now grabbing her feeling her head against my chest. I tilted her chin to face me. She had a mark on her cheek,that was turning a faint purple. I looked at the hurt and startle in her eyes. "DAMNIT NIALL! I said, shouting at myself like a mental person now, feeling tears spring into my eyes. Oh hell no. I never cry...unless if it's over a movie. Yeah I cry over movies shutup. I couldnt help it. I started to cry. Star just stared at me, her hand still on her cheek. I stood up, crying, and hugging her. "I hate myself. I want to die. Ive never hurt anyone.. like that... " "Niall calm down..." She started. "I'm going to kill myself... "I said. "Your over reacting.. " Star said. That made my tears come faster. "No I'm not. I'm not going to live with myself knowing I hurt yo- " I started to say, until She took my face into her hands and kissed me.
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