I found you♡~Niall Horan fanfic.

Niall Horan;The most popular guy at the school & the player. Every guy wanted to be him, every girl wanted him. Star Gonzales was a champion figure skater,volleyball player, A's and B's student,but a complete rebel. She right away knew Nialls reputation right when she saw him. But what if Niall actually developed actual feelings for her. What if... Niall found 'The one' for him.


16. Meeting Moon & Excited Star.

The lads and I kept on looking at Tiffany punch, Star didn't look hurt. She just accepted the punches. She winced and cried out a bit, but just laid there doing nothing. "STAR! FIGHTBACK! "Yelled Zayn. Star bit her lip, and shook her head. "Do it! "Louis demanded. Star screamed back, "No! Im not going to beat her ass AGAIN! "The whole crowd 'ooo 'ed and Tiffany got off her. "You think you can beat ME up? " Tiffany asked, laughing. Star smiled and said, "Well as you can see, I don't have any bruises. And if you actually were hurting me, I would have defended myself now wouldn't I?" Tiffany was out of comeback. "W.... well, this isnt over. "And left. The crowd laughed and walked away. "I think we should get to Music. "Harry said. Star nodded. We all walked but I was zoned out. I kept thinking about Star. Im not allowed to think about her. No. Stop it Niall. You don't need her. We entered, and right away went in the music room. "So I hear you can play the guitar? " Star asked Zayn. Zayn? Play the guitar? Oh my god! I think I just shitted my pants. No. I PLAY THE GUITAR. ME! NIALL JAMES HORAN! Zayn was about to say something, but quickly shut his mouth and nodded. Star smiled at him, " Well good. What Makes You Beautiful starts with the guitar. Then a bit of cowbell. " Zayns eyes practically popped out of him. I silently laughed. Was he trying to impress Star? "I -I would! But Niall here plays the guitar MUCH better. "Zayn stuttered, being modest about his imaginary guitar skills. "Are you sure? Who plays the guitar better boys? " Star asked. Liam, Harry, and Louis were trying to hold in theyr laughs. "N-n-Niall! Zayns more of a triangle player than a guitar player. "Giggled Louis. "Well then I guess NIALL could play the guitar." Star said. At the sound of my name, I would smile. Not this time. She said my name as if it were some type of bad desease. My smile went a bit upside down. The bell ringed, and thats gym. "You definitely shocked us after that run. "Liam said, remembering yesterday. Star laughed," I love running. Its more of a hobby than a exercise. "Nicee I thought. I just looked at her. "We should skip. "I mentioned. The boys looked at eachother then looked at Star. "We're already a minute late! " Star said. "OOOOHH MYYY GAAWWD I HATE SCHOOL DAMNIT! BUT WHERE OH WHERE HAS MY BESTFRIEND GONE! OH WHERE COULD MY BITCH BEE!?" Shouted a loud sing songy voice. Star grinned and yelled, "YOUR BITCH IS HERE SO DON'T WORRY! AND SHES VERY COMFTY! "We looked at the direction Star ran. There stood 2 squealing girls hugging. Wich was Star, and a black haired, blue eyed girl. "Guys this is Moon. Her mom was Hispanic so her name is actually Luna. But.. well. Luna is Moon in English! Shes my bestest fucking friend EVER! Ive known her since we we're basically born. "Said a excited Star. "Thats because we were born on the same day dumbass! "Laughed Moon. I looked at the boys to see the reaction of Stars bestfriends arrival. Zayn stared at her as if she was the last bottle of water on earth, and he was thirstyyy asss fuuuck. "So. Ive been doing classes online. But now im like, fuuck I cant live nomore without Star. So I moved here and got a house! "Smiled Moon. Star silently screamed her heart out. "So. Introduce yourselfs strangers! "Moon shouted at us. "Im Louis Tomlinson. And you're sassy. Like me. Now we're bestfriends! "Louis said, sticking his tounge out at Star, who stuck her younger back out at him. "Im Liam Payne. And yea. Haa. "Liam smiled. "Harry Styles. And don't mind this one. Hes shy. "Said Harry, smirking, pointing at Zayn. Thats a lie. Zayns one of the most chilled out friendly persons I know. "Im...Malik. I MEAN ZAYN! MALIK ZAYN! OHH FUCK I MEAN ZAYN MALIK! "Zayn kept shouting. That made us all laugh. "Im Niall. Stars boyfriend. "I said, smiling. Until I realised what I just said. "Star. YOU HAVE A BOYFRIEND AND YOU DIDNT OOVOO OR SKYPE ME ABOUT THIS SHIT! "Moon screamed, pinching Star. Star shot me a death glare and looked pale. From her look I could tell I was dead."HEY! "Barked a deep voice. The principal. Shit. "Hays for horses! " cackled Moon. Double shit.
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