I found you♡~Niall Horan fanfic.

Niall Horan;The most popular guy at the school & the player. Every guy wanted to be him, every girl wanted him. Star Gonzales was a champion figure skater,volleyball player, A's and B's student,but a complete rebel. She right away knew Nialls reputation right when she saw him. But what if Niall actually developed actual feelings for her. What if... Niall found 'The one' for him.


10. Getting CloserΩ

-------------Stars POV --------------- Wow. What a grand fucking day. I got.. fingered,slapped,and kissed. If I do say so myself,Niall and I are getting closer than ever. He's not bad, I thought. But no. That's what He wants. For me to throw myself towards him. Niall keeps saying I'm different;more unique. But I'm not sure what to believe. I woke up,a pair of strong firm hands wrapped around me like a soft nice blanket. I saw that it was Niall. By now,people,were probably in last period. "Niall! HELP! "I shouted in his ear. His eyes shot open and He got my head against his chest standing up. He looked around,for any burglars and such. When He saw me giggling, He relaxed his shoulders and laughed."You got a good scare outta me." He giggled. I nodded. I saw a note plastered on the t.v."Hey sis,I got a call. I had to travel to LA real quick to get the rest of our stuff. Be back in a week.xxx Jake. "Niall read outloud. He looked at me with a mischievous look in his eyes. "So we're alone eh?" He grinned. "Niall don't even think about it. I'm not going to have sex with you." I said,groaning. He pushed me against the wall,whispering,"Are you sure?" He started kissing my neck,his hands traveling down to the end of my shirt. I didn't know what to do honestly. I admit, it does feel good but I need to focus. Too late. Niall pulled off his shirt. "Are you ready?" He asked,throwing his shirt to the side and smashing his body against mine. Oh dear lord. He had a six pack. It wasnt obvious but He had one. I just gulped and shook my head. His hands started to travel under my shirt. "Niall no... " I said. He looked at me. Not continuing. "Ill make you feel good I promise!" Said Niall pleading. I got his hands off me. "I'm just...no. please understand. "I pleaded. He understood, and got his hands off me. He put his hands through his hair, saying, " I'm sorry..I don't know what came over me." I chuckled. "Your just not used to being at a girls house and not having sex with them." He laughed. "Smart girl. Gorgeous face. Hot body. Beautiful personality. Eats as much as I do. Can't you see were made to...bond? " Niall said,smirking. I playfully slapped his arm. I guess I couldn't get my eyes off his sixpack because He started rubbing it."You like what you see? Ill let you touch it! If you have sex with me!" Winked Niall. "You just never give up do you?"I asked laughing."Nope. Excpecially if its you." Said Niall, popping emphasis with the P. I looked at my phone. "It's 3:40." Your supposed to be in school remember? "I asked. He nodded, putting his shirt back on." How I hate school. Except for the food,gym,friends,and you." He winked when He said 'you'. I felt myself blushing. "Letsgo. You gotta get to your car. "I said,grabbing my keys off the counter. Niall took them away. "Ima drive. "He said. I shrugged. When we got there, He got out. Before I could,He opened the door for me. What,Why was He being such a gentlemen? Oh I see. I saw a group of slutty girls looking this way. I rolled my eyes." Niall I don't think I'm Goof enough to be your homecoming date! " I said. He looked at me,shocked. He put his hands on my waist, whispering behind my ear,"Yes you are! What makes you think that?" He asked. I signaled my head towards the girls. Niall saw,and rolled his eyes." Why would I want them? With theyr thong practically popping out theyr ass.I preffer having you as my date. Your more beautiful and nice then theyd ever be." That made me giggle. I could feel his grin,on my cheek. When we got to his car,He looked at me one more time."Bie gorgeous. I still want sex from you." With that He got in his car,and left. I felt someone next to me." Hes weird. Sometimes all He wants from a girl is sex.with is actually most of the time." I looked next to me. Harry."Hi to you too?" I questioned. Harry chuckled. "Sorry. He's one of my best mates. And you are too. I don't want to see you get hurt." Harry said. I noticed his dimples as He talked. I just about fainted. "Didn't you get suspended for today?" Asked Harry. "Yeahh... how do you know?" I asked. "The whole schools talking about how you wooped Tiffany's fake ass. "He grinned. I smiled. Atleast they're not talking shit. "We should hang out more." Harry said,smiling once again. Louis comes out of nowhere and says," so basically,Harry wants your number." I saw Harry blush a tomatoes red. I laughed, but we both exchanged numbers. "Ill text you later. "He said when Louis left. I nodded. He pulled me up against his body saying," Don't tell Niall.""Dont tell Niall wha-"I started to ask, but didn't get to because of Harry's lips crashing onto mine. The kiss lasted for about 10 seconds. "You might have not kissed back this time. Next time, we're going to be closer then ever. "Harry said. Harry looked down at my lips and smiled. I couldn't help but to smile back. With Niall it was dangerous and fun with Harry it was sweet and casual. He put his hand on my cheek,kissing me once more and left. My smile soon turned into a shocked expression. I just felt a boner against my thigh. Oh God. Harry wants me in his bed too. I started to walk off to my car, until I once again for the 1000th time felt a strong pair of hands across my chest." Why did He kiss you?" Asked Niall. "He did it...were you spying on me? " I asked. "That doesn't matter." Niall said,reg then smiled, continuing, " Oh well. Ill deal with him later. For now,you're gonna go dress shopping. "Smiled Niall, grabbing my hand,leading me to his car. "Dress shopping?" I asked. He nodded. When we stopped by Oscar de la renta, I was already nervous. What if Niall saw the scar on my back?"If i saw the scar on your back?" Niall asked shocked. Did i just say that outloud?
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