I found you♡~Niall Horan fanfic.

Niall Horan;The most popular guy at the school & the player. Every guy wanted to be him, every girl wanted him. Star Gonzales was a champion figure skater,volleyball player, A's and B's student,but a complete rebel. She right away knew Nialls reputation right when she saw him. But what if Niall actually developed actual feelings for her. What if... Niall found 'The one' for him.


12. Fights.

⇨Stars POV ⇦ "LADIES! LADIES CALM DOWN! "Yelled the security gaurd. "BITCH WHAT THE FUCK IS YOU'RE ACTUAL PROBLEM!?! " Yelled Tiffany, while trying to claw through my hair. "ACTUALLY, YOU ARE YOU SKANK! "I yelled back. Niall held me back while the security held Tiffany back."Okay. I want to know what happened here. " Demanded the security gaurd. "Well I saw these 2,Niall &...STAR,come in the boutique. Me,being Well mannered and raised, I was walking over to say hi. But all of a sudden,STAR here, lashed out on me and basically jumped me." Tiffany explained. My jaw dropped open."Sir, don't believe a word She says. Because it didn't happen at all like that. "I said, furious. "Niall & I came in the boutique, minding our own buisness, when all of a sudden, She comes over to us and starts kissing Niall. I know, high school drama, but that's how it is. " I then explained. The security gaurd looked confused, scratched his head and said, "Who threw the first punch? " Ahhh shit. "I did sir." I answered truthfully. "Why? " He questioned. I was speechless." I honestly dont know sir." I answered once again. The security gaurd sighed,"In your deffense, I know how it feels for a randomn person to come up and kiss someone you love. Expecially if its your boyfriend here." I was about to say Niall wasnt my boyfriend,but Niall held me back tighter,causing me to not breathe."Tiffany, you had no right into just coming up to him and surprising him. Touching a person in a matter that they don't like, is basically assault,and with that,he can press charges if he'd like. "Tiffany's eyes went wide open, causing her eyes to look like they were going to pop out, considering the amount of eye liner She was wearing. "And Star, I'm afraid if Tiffany want to press charges for that punch, she'd be able too. "I nodded. "So what's it going to be?" Questioned the security gaurd. "Well.... with all my heart I'd love to press charges against her, but I myself wouldn't want charges pressed against me either. So how bout this. I dont press charges on you if you don't press charges on Star. "Reasoned Niall with Tiffany. Tiffany ropes her long nail on her chin,as if it were a 'cute' thinking position. "Fine. But thats just Because I love you." Smiled Tiffany. "Alright then. Looks like things here are done. " Said the security gaurd. "Wait. Arenet you supposed to call our gaurdian? " I asked. "I know both you girls. You're brothers a famous music producer,your dad's a rich successful buisness man, and you lad, I've known both you're parents.for quite sometime,and knowing them, they wouldn't like to see you introuble. Neither you girls. So ill just say this is a warning and DON'T change my mind. "He finished and left. "This isn't over bitch. "Said Tiffany, flipping her hair and turning away. Well if it was winter,id flip my leg hair,i thought. "Well,THAT was certainly exciting. Expecially the part where yoy punched her." Chuckled Niall."Wow. First a fight in school. Then in a boutique. My life, I must say,is glamorous." I replied. Niall laughed and looked at his phone. "Id love to stay here with you but I did promise the lads id hang out with them." Smiled Niall. I smiled back. "Riight. Well drive me back to the parking lot. My cars still there remember?" "How can I forget?" He replied.*Skipping car ride* "Well thanks ALOT for the necklace,even though im not yours. But ill still wear it !" I assured Niall. "What do you mean,youre not mine?" Niall asked,scowling."Well for starters,im just youre homecoming date. Second,im not youre girlfriend,nor are you my boyfriend. And lastly, all you want is sex not a relaitionship. Thanks for trying though." I mumbled ,rolling my eyes. Niall stayed quiet,and finally sighed."Goodnight princess." He put his hands on my face and stared into my eyes. He started to lean in,with a soft look on his face. Then ,unexpectedly,his eyes got wide,he shook his head,smiled at me one last time and walked back to his Ferrari. What the actual fuck? I thought he was gonna kiss me,am I not good enough? Then I remembered. That soft look he got in his eyes. Was that love? Or was it just what he did to all girls,his game. I groaned Because of my frustration and started to drive home. "When I get home, I'm fucking going to watch Awkward, eat Ben and Jerries, get into my lazy day clothes,and cuddle up to my goddamn blanket. You know why? Cuz my lifes a bitch. Sos Tiffany, you get me right.? " I said,talking to my iPhone spoons,Sri. "Yes Ms. Ihatepeoplebutlovefood. I agree. "Sri said,responding back. I smiled and chuckled a bit at the name I gave myself. When I pulled in to my driveway, I was relieved. Like all that weight in my chest was off ya know? I entered my house, and went straight to my room. I turned on MTV on my 70' inch flatscreen, while putting a white T-shirt & gray sweatpants. I plugged in my iPhone to charge,got my Mac Pro, and logged on to twitter & instagram, also known as my obsessions. 102 New followers on Twitter and 86 on Instagram. Not bad I smiled to myself. "Hey! Loser! " I heard a voice say, through my huge window. "What THE HELL!?"I yelled out of fear, only to see it was Zayn. "You scared me you piece of shit! " I yelled at him. Be just laughed." Sorry. I was just at home,thinking, 'hmm I wonder how Stars doing. ' then I thought, hey! I should come over and crash with the lads! " Zayn smiled. "Wich 'lads ' are you referring to? " I asked him, helping him get off the tree he was on. "Niall, Harry, Liam, Louis, and I ofcourse! " he smiled. I laughed. 'Fine then I guess. " Zayn cheered and called out the rest of the guys. In a matter of minutes, all of them were in my house. "So. What should we do.? " I asked. We sat around in my room thinking. "OOO! We should invite Dani & El! "Shouted Louis. "Splendid idea! But arenet they already asleep? " I questioned. "Yeah true that. "Liam said. I then looked around at the boys. I saw Niall, quiet & hiding his face. So was Harry. "Niall. Harry. You 2 are awfully quiet. Is there something wrong? " I asked, knowing precisely what was wrong. Little did I know that both of them where going to end up on my bedroom floor,fighting and screaming at eachother. "NO GUYS STOP! "I yelled. "Shut the FUCK up Star this isn't your fight! "Niall yelled at me."See? This is what I mean.YOU TREAT HER LIKE SHIT! AND YET YOURE OVER HERE TRYING TO PICK A FIGHT FOR HER! "Yelled Harry. "Mate YOU HAVE NO RIGHT, TO SAY IF I'M TREATING HER RIGHT OR NOT! "Yelled back Niall. Between Liam,Louis,Zayn, and I,we tried to separate them both. Things got outta hand. In all the camotion, Niall ended up punching my stomach HARD. Yet I held it in. Until he punched my cheek, where he had slapped me. "OWWW! " I yelled out in pain. They all stopped moving and looked at me. I felt leaking against my neck. Blood. I wanted to cry soo fucking bad. And I did, only that i ran to the bathroom and locked myself in. The boys kept pounding on the door. " Go away. " I said simply, sliding down against the wall. "No. " I heard Harry say. I looked under the door. They had all sat against the wall. "Niall.. lad are you crying? " I heard Zayn ask Niall. "STAR OPEN UP DAMNIT! "Yelled Louis. "Louis! Sorry. Star. Just please open. We'll help you! " I heard Liam shout. Well they're going to get me to open somehow. I sighed, stood up and unlocked the door. With that, Niall came bursting in. His eyes red and puffy, also his cheeks. He was sniffing and sobbing. "I hurt you again. " He whispered into my ear. I cried on his shoulder. "What the hell? Who heard that? " Harry asked. We all got quiet then heard a gun shot, and the door burst open of the enterance.
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