I found you♡~Niall Horan fanfic.

Niall Horan;The most popular guy at the school & the player. Every guy wanted to be him, every girl wanted him. Star Gonzales was a champion figure skater,volleyball player, A's and B's student,but a complete rebel. She right away knew Nialls reputation right when she saw him. But what if Niall actually developed actual feelings for her. What if... Niall found 'The one' for him.


17. BestFriends vs BestFriends

"What are you teenagers doing out of class?! "Shouted the principal. "Oh. Well Moon here got lost, and me and the boys were helping her find her way." Smiled Star sweetly. The principal smiled, and said, "I'm glad to see Moon's already making friends. Stay out of trouble. "Then left. "Whats your class? "Asked Harry. "Gym. My fave subject besides lunch and music. "Smiled Moon. "Oh my God guys. If you think I'm fast, you should see her. She's faster. Wayy faster. "Laughed Star. "I will agree to that. "Winked Moon. "Shouldn't we be heading to class? " I asked,looking straight at Star. "Oooo best listen to you're boyfriend. "Teased Moon, nudging Stars arm. Star looked at me,and I smiled. Why not take advantage? I put my arms around her waist directing her to the gym. The boys watched me surprised,Harry looked a bit jealous. And I could not help but grin at the look Liam had. He had this 'Mad father 'look. "Theres the gym Moon, ill be there in a bit. " Smiled Star, sourly. Moon nodded, and the boys did the same, heading towards the Guys LR. "Niall, the fucks you're problem!?"Shouted Star. "I...I don't know to be honest. "I stuttered. "You need to stop. I'm regretting meeting you. And that, is a horrid sign Niall. "She whispered in my ear. I got shivers up my spine, the touch of her lips on my ear. "You know. I've never been attached to someone like this before. This should be a honor for you."I said. She looked at me,in disgust. "You invite me to homecoming. Get so fucking jealous just because I was hugging Harry. Then you have sex with some girl. You kept telling me I'm unique. You kept telling me I was you're princess. And you know what? I actually thought, wow is he serious? That's cute. But this is how you show me Niall. "She spat out. Startled by her words,I still spoke up. "Look. Please. Just do my a favor. Ill show you. I really will. Just come to homecoming with me. Wear the necklace. Please. "I said. I looked her straight in the eye, my oceanic blue eyes meeting her honey brown ones. She bit her lip. "You know what? If I do. You're going to leave me alone. Were only talking during music. Deal. "Star said, starting to walk away. I grabbed her arm and whispered, "Your my date. Therefor I can take you out whenever I want now." I quickly pecked her lips, and jogged to the guys LR. "Dude! What took so long.?" Questioned Louis. All the boys were now putting on they're shoes. Harry, Zayn, and Liam putting on Track Spiked. "Did you try anything on her?"Asked Harry. "No. But she's my homecoming date again. "I grinned. "I feel like you're gonna try something nasty." Winced Liam. I laughed. Liam was one of my bestest mates out of Louis, Harry, and Zayn. We've known eachother since we were really young,around 6 years of age. "Soo. Zayn. What happened out there, meeting Moon. "I giggled, wagging my eyebrows at him. "Nothing. She looks like a really nice girl." Said Zayn, simply. "Really? For someone who turned into LOUIS new bestfriend because of her SASS ?"Laughed Liam. "I'll admit, she is really fit. "Conffesed Zayn, blushing a bit. "Well. She is. Those high -waisted denim shorts with a Ramones shirt? She has my style. Obviously my type. " Harry grinned. "Mate. One minute, you're over Star,and now you're all up on Moon? She's nearly new! " Laughed Louis. "So's Star, yet Nialls with her. "Mumbled Harry. I frowned. True, yet I don't want it to sound like that. "I think Moon would be better with Zayn. She has this mysterious look on her. And so does Zayn. "Said Liam, gently. "I don't care. "Harry said,shrugging. We exited and soon saw Moon & Star, stretching. More like, doing tricks. Well Star was trying. Moon was doing a perfect splits, reaching out to her feet. Star was standing up, bending down to her feet. "Oh shes flexible. "Harry said, licking his lips, heading over to Moon. I smiled and shook my head. "Well aren't we flexible?"Harry smiled. "10 Years gymnastics. Word. "Giggled Moon. "I've done only 5." Smiled Star. "That would work great in bed." I said to myself. "You girls actually look like bestfriends. " I grinned. Its true. Same length of hair. Same type of body. Except Moon was tanner, was about 3 inches shorter, and had black glossy hair. "Ohh. Look girls. Its the slutt. "Smiled Tiffany, next to Alana. Star rolled her eyes,and continued stretching. But Moon didn't take it to well. "Scuse me? Are you calling her a slutt?" Moon said, standing up. Tiffany looked at Moon then smiled. "I'm Tiffany. This is Alana. And Yes we are. Not you hun. "Smiled Tiffany. We were shocked by how Tiffany was trying to be friends with Moon. "Ohh. Well I'm Moon. And id appreciate it if you don't call me bestfriend a slutt. Because you're the one prancing around in a cheerless uniform." "Ohh. And how does that make us slutts? " Questioned Alana. "Because youre plastic boobs are basically falling off. You look like you're wearing a fucking bikini for shits sake. "Laughed Moon. Tiffany and Alana just stood there. Gawking. "Whatever. Lets go Al." Said Tiffany. "ITS TIME TO WAX THOUGH! I SEE THAT BUSH POKING OUT! MIGHT WANNA TAKE CARE OFF THAT CAMEL TOE! " Laughed Star. Moon laughed along, high fiving Star. We all died of laughter basically. I held out my hands to Star as she took them. "You know, why don't we run together? " I asked,pressing my forehead against hers. "Oh go ahead Star. I'm run with them. Dont do anything I wouldn't do Niall. "Moon said. "Giggity. "I laughed, making her laugh along. I looked at Star, and she smiled back. Grabbed my hand and started to walk with me. Woah whats happening here.?!
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