serious (seguel to raining love)

Two years alyssa and niall have been together. Will something bad happen to make alyssa go all the way to america? Find out.


2. yes!

                                       "yes! yes! yes!" I kissed him passionately on the lips. "ew!!!! get a room!" a man said. we paid for our food and ran out the door. "I cant believe im engaged." I said. "come on lets get home so we can tell the others the news." niall suggested. "kk." we walked home hand in hand. "this is the best birthday ive had since I was 12." I laughed. niall stopped me.he kissed me like no other kiss. when we got to the house no one was home. we ran into the room and started to kiss each other very passionately. he started to undress me. he took off my shirt. I took off his. you guys probably know the rest so...


                                      I awoke by niall. "morning baby." I kissed his cheek.

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