serious (seguel to raining love)

Two years alyssa and niall have been together. Will something bad happen to make alyssa go all the way to america? Find out.


6. truth

 the truth is. well there is no truth anymore. every truth or non lie that was ever told is gone. i dont even think i love my baby as much as i did before the other died. it scares me to think that i could possibly kill this baby aswell. it kills me on how much i long to know this all. i wish i could have gone back in time and erased as to what happened. but nothing is the same anymore. not even to niall. grief hit the pit of my stumache. i burst into tears. "why me?" i shouted. "why did you pick me?" i threw the baby toy zayn got for me during our engagement. harry came in. "hey. why are you crying?" he asked. "please harry. get the others." he nodded and called for everybody. " i dont believe niall actually told you what happened so i will. everybody, ive been so emotional lately because im pregnant. also because ive already lost baby. the truth is i wasnt ready for this yet. im too young.i think. and im gonna need your help around here with me. i cried again. niall brought me into a hug and everyone else joined in


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