serious (seguel to raining love)

Two years alyssa and niall have been together. Will something bad happen to make alyssa go all the way to america? Find out.


8. the secret kiss

I sat on our couch rubbing my tummy. Maybe this wasn't so bad after all. Harry walked in and smiled.

"Hey." I greeted him. He waved and stood beside me.

"Don't be scared. Go ahead, feel my stomach." I insisted. He hesitated at first until he realized I was ok with it. He rubbed his hand back and forth.

"Twins eh? Good luck with that love." He stood up and kissed my forehead as he left. He got me really confused. All he I'd was stand there watching me for like 5 minutes touched my stomach, then left. Harry ran back in.

"Alyssa. I need to tell you something... I. I uh. I like you." He quickly kissed me on the lips. My eyes widened and I pushed him off. I shook my head and started to cry. I looked around the room to see delulah standing by the door mouth strung wide.


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