serious (seguel to raining love)

Two years alyssa and niall have been together. Will something bad happen to make alyssa go all the way to america? Find out.


5. secrets

 I walked through the lobby. "niall. theres something I need to tell you." "sure baby." he said. "I was pregnant with twins." "oh my gosh! congrats!" "niall. honey. listen. was." nialls face dropped. the car ride was nearly silent. "are you gonna tell the others?" niall asked. I shook my head. we walked through the door and everyone was crouding us. they asked lots of question. I ran into my room crying. niall walked in behind me. "whats wrong?" he asked. "they... they keep asking... what happened and... it reminded me about the baby."i cried. "listen. its ok." "no its not. what if I wanted my other baby to grow up wit a twin? now ill have an only child." niall took me into a hug. "you know what sweetcheeks? ill tell them for you."niall said. "really?" I wiped my tears away. niall nodded. "thanks baby. youre the best." he got up and left the room. I sat there thinking of what my baby is gonna be and what to name it.

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