serious (seguel to raining love)

Two years alyssa and niall have been together. Will something bad happen to make alyssa go all the way to america? Find out.


1. marry me?

                Daliula was crawling all over me.

                                                   "wake up auntie!" I turned my head as I sat up. niall wasn't in bed. I took the covers off and walked into the kitchen. "wheres niall?" I asked. " he is in the bathroom. "oh." I walked into the livingroom. party balloons were everywhere. "whats this about?" I asked as I poked a balloon. "theyre for you. did you forget youre turning 24?" zayn asked. "waaa? psht. noo?... yes." harry started laughing. "oh shut up!"

                   for my birthday niall took me out to the fanciest resteraunt in town. he stood up and tapped a spoon on a glass and waited for everyone to get quiet. " I have a special announcement." he yelled. he leaned on one knee and pulled out a ring. "will you marry me?" he asked.


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