Only His Slave

Mary a normal girl who likes to party and has great friends. Nobody knows her obsession VAMPIRES. But what would happen when she is owned by one.


1. What is Happening

Mary's  P.O.V

''Mary hurry up we're going to be late "said Becky.

"UGH WAIT''I  yelled. im going to Jake's party. he is really nice he invited the whole i straightened my black hair, put black eyeliner with pink lipgloss that matches my dress. My dress is a pink kne legth dress with black ribbon around the wais,and black pumps. i looked in the mirror but what i loved the most were my snakebites pearcings. there's a reason i have them only i know the reason and it's my obssesion for vampires.

''What do you think?'' i asked while walking down the stairs.

''you look amazing''Becky said.

''well lets get going''


Skip Ride

''HELLO MARRY, BECKY'' Jake yellled over the noise

''hey''i said

"you look amazing mary" said jake

''thanks'' i said.

    soon it got late they were playing spin the bottle even becky. So i dicided to start walking home. i plug my head phones in and starrted to hear music on the way. i felt some one following i looked back there was nobody there but when i kept walking some one grabed me and put a cloth on my nose. suddenly i felt weak whats happening is all i thought before everything went black...................................

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