Only His Slave

Mary a normal girl who likes to party and has great friends. Nobody knows her obsession VAMPIRES. But what would happen when she is owned by one.


3. $old!!!

Alexander's P.O.V.

       Finally the day i get my own blood slave. thanks to me begging and butkissing my parent. now i dont need to share with my brother, Jace. but im happy to be here in the auction werehouse. it was getting boring none of the girls caught my eye. atleast my best friend, Austin got lucky. "Mary she is 17 years old, and has AB positive blood'' the annuoncer said. when i hered her name i felt like i had to get her she was the beautifulest girl i seen. i will waste all my money if i have to. ''lets start at $1,000" the annoucer said."we have 1,000  ...........1,500..........2,000........"  


"11,000" i yelled with al my might.


"do we have 11,500" nobody did any thing they just starred at me."going once.....goind twice......SOLD"


Mary's POV

I've been sold to a person i dont even know. I wish that i never went to the party. im still in shock ive been sold. I went down the stage. Now in a room alone waiting for my  'owner'. suddenly i heared the door open when i looked up i saw a gorgeous guy in front of me his black hair fell perfectly some covering his right eye his perfect blue eyes stared through my soal that how i felt.

"Hey your ganna be my slave, blood slave Im a vampire name is Alexander you could call me Alex for short"

"Well Alex Im Mary i-if y-you want"

"Ok Mary what do you think of being a vampire''

"Im actually obsssed with vampires''

"we better get going''

i slowly stud up and walked right behind him. he openned the door of the car for me.

"shouldint i open the door for you im the slave''

''yeah but im a gentleman'' he said. then went in to his black mustang with tinted windows.


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