Only His Slave

Mary a normal girl who likes to party and has great friends. Nobody knows her obsession VAMPIRES. But what would happen when she is owned by one.


2. Auction??????

Mary's POV

I woke up in a bed girls were talkin i looked around and saw i wasn't in my bed or house but a strange place with girls talkin al around my remembering last night and noticed i was kidnapped!!!!!!!!

''hey my name is Ana'' a girl about my age said. she had dark brown hair with highlights and brown eyes.

"hello my name is Liz'' said the girl next to her. She has dark hair with a red streak and light brown eyes.''oh. this is Sammy she is mute she doesn't talk''pointing to a girl with pink hair and has blue eyes.

''h-hi wh-what am i doing here"i asked

''well we are going to be sold"Ana said sadly.

"s-sold what do you mean?"

''yeah we are being sold you better get ready before the come''said liz. handing me a pink, tight, short dress and pink heels

''who are they?''

''there people that work in the auction''  said ana''the bathroom is the door on the right''. i slowly walked to the bathroom. there was makeup, hair products, flat iron and anything i needed. i took a quick shower and got dressed. then i straightened my black hair, and put some eye liner. i walked into the room all the girls were ready.





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